Pioneer's At Siver Dollar City

by Hunter

Pioneer Day

We have gone to Silver Dollar City and visited Pioneer Day and had many new experiences!

The Old School House

We went to a pioneer school called Oak Trail School. We saw what they had to learn with and some of the subjects they were learning. They used slates and the McGuffey readers to learn to read anything. They normally learned nursery rhymes that you would have learned in preschool!
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We Are At The Blacksmith Shop

We went to the blacksmith and saw how the blacksmith was able to make anything for the pioneer and we even got to see how he would make a leg for a grill.

Stage Coach

We visited the stage coach and figured out why the Outlaw Run was given its name.
We figured out it was named the Outlaw Run because while the pioneers were moving out West they would get chased by outlaws because the outlaws would steal everything they had!
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Pioneer Day

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd 2014 at 8:30am-2:30pm

Silver Dollar City, MO, United States

Silver Dollar City, MO

We went here for Pioneer Day.


In conclusion, my favorite of the trips was the stagecoach because it was very informational, cool and fun.