Sanders Wallis

Sanders Wallis : HOPE Scholar

Sanders Wallis attended the University of Georgia on a HOPE Scholarship, which covered his full tuition. The HOPE Program, which is an acronym for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally, rewards Georgia students with financial assistance and is funded entirely by revenues from the Georgia State Lottery. Sanders Wallis graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2008, and has worked at the Wallis Printing Company in Atlanta since 2010.

Sanders Wallis: Golf Enthusiast

Sanders Wallis joined the family business in 2010, several years out of college and after he had gotten some practical experience on his own as a Senior Sales Consultant at Cbeyond, Inc., a Telecommunications firm in Atlanta.

He came to the Wallis Printing Company as an Account Executive, and brought a tremendous amount of energy and insight into his job. He generated new business for the company, with new clients that include the University of Georgia and Delta.

In his free time, Sanders Wallis maintains an active lifestyle, with tennis, running, and golf being among his favorite activities. He is particularly skilled at golf, and was a member of the golf team at the Darlington School as a high school student. He played on the team for all four years he attended Darlington. He says that he doesn't get to play as often as he used to and his skills have slipped a little, but he remains a solid duffer. "Mid-70s [some] days. Back in the early days I was, you know, mid-70s, mid to low; basically I was mid-to-low. But now I'm kind of, you know – one day I'll shoot 80, another day I'll shoot 75. It's just kind of...I used to be scratch, but now I'm not scratch anymore."

As a student at the University of Georgia, Sanders Wallis was enrolled in the Terry College of Business, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree. He attended UGA on a HOPE Scholarship, a merit scholarship awarded to promising Georgia students that covered his full tuition.

Sanders Wallis: Print Needs

Sanders Wallis has worked for the Wallis Printing Company since early in 2010. He started as an account executive, and in early 2012 became the company's new Director of New Business Development, a position that he has held ever since.

The Wallis Printing Company has been in continuous operation since 1953, and provides print solutions for commercial businesses. "Every business has some form of print need," Sanders Wallis says, "whether it be as simple as a business card, or as complicated as an annual report." The company has for many years used only top-of-the-line Heidelberg presses, and are currently operating with the newest printing presses from the German manufacturer. They produce both saddle stitched and perfect bound booklets, brochures, calendars, catalogs, greeting cards, door hangers, and business cards, as well as newsletters, menus, and labels and stickers. Sanders Wallis says that the company also prints many custom jobs.

The printing press is one of those inventions that, without question, changed the course of history. It was invented in 1452 by a German engraver named Johannes Gutenberg, who for the first time used movable type to put words onto a printed page, allowing books and other documents to be produced cheaply and quickly. Its profound impact on the course of history can be compared to the rise of the Internet in the latter part of the twentieth century.

Sanders Wallis attended the University of Georgia, where he studied business and received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Management in 2008. Before coming to the Wallis Printing Company in 2010, he worked for several years as a Senior Sales Consultant at Cbeyond, Inc., in Atlanta.

Sanders Wallis - Director of Business Development

Sanders Wallis has been the Director of New Business Development at the Wallis Printing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, for more than three years. He joined the firm in early 2010 as an Account Executive.

The company has been operating continuously since its founding in 1953. "I work for a local business that provides print solutions for commercial businesses," Sanders Wallis says. The Director of Business Development is a critical role in the company. His responsibilities include helping the organization remain competitive and grow by identifying and developing new business opportunities. Over the years, the Wallis Printing Company has had such major clients as General Electric, Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball, and the McDonald's Corporation.

"Every business," says Sanders Wallis, "has some form of print need, whether it be as simple as a business card or as complicated as an annual report." The Wallis Printing Company, he says, is ready to meet all of the printing needs of its customers with up-to-date printing and processing equipment. The owners and managers at Wallis Printing, he says, are all hands-on, and committed to providing the highest quality of service to all of its clients. He says that his objective is to supply the company's clients with whatever print need that they have, and to do so in the most efficient way possible.

Sanders Wallis is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he was enrolled in the University's business program and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in 2008. Before he graduated he had the opportunity to study at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG)

The Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia is a membership based association represent Georgia's printing and imaging industry. PIAG is run by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by the members of the association. PIAG employees eight full-time staff who are ready and available to assist PIAG's members in a wide array of expertise and services. The members of PIAG consist of printers, print finishers, imagers, suppliers, consultants, and educational institutes who offer graphic design and communications courses.

PIAG has served as the voice of the printing industry for over 115 years. PIAG started in 1894 as the Employing Printers Association (EPA) and started providing services to the Georgia printer's community. By 1945, EPA became a charter affiliate of Printing Industries of America (PIA) but merged in 1976 with The Association of Georgia Printers in 1976 to become the Printing Association of Georgia, Inc. (PAG).

PAG underwent another name change 12 years later in 1988 when they added "Industries" to their name to become in PIAG. Finally in 2007 the added "Imaging" to their name to better represent the ever changing and more modern American printing industry.

The Wallis Printing Company is an active member of the PIAG. Sanders Wallis is the Director of Business Development for the Wallis Printing Company and has been since 2012. He is in charge of overseeing the sales task force and provides advice to the company regarding business development strategy, and the development and evaluation of the sales team. Prior to that, Mr. Wallis was an Account Executive with the Wallis Printing Company.

Real Estate Tips

Selling and buying a home is tricky business. Many people make little mistakes or overlook certain things that could help a potential seller and sway a potential buyer a certain way. Here are the top 5 tips for both buyers and sellers.

1. Sellers, Pay Attention to the Small Details

Trimming the bushes, making sure your garden and driveway are neat and tidy, spending a little money on air fresheners for examples, those type of things could go along to in selling a house. It makes the home seem more desirable to buyers. Test your lightbulbs and use a clean welcome mat can help as well.

2. Buyers, Take Notes

Buying a house is a whirlwind experience, and you normally end up seeing multiple houses. You will forget certain details, and it's good to be able to reference your immediate thoughts for each house.

3. Sellers, Sell by the Season

Selling a home can be done year round. You need to adapt your home to the season you are selling in though. For example, during the summer highlight your patio to make it seem incredibly desirable, not that isn’t of course. During the winter, showcase your rugs and your fireplace if you have one. Make your home feel cozy.

4. Buyers, Do Neighborhood Research

Check how well regarded, or not, the public schools are in the district. Look at the housing market in the neighborhood as well. If houses tend to be lingering on the market or rental houses are popping up everywhere that may not be a good sign. If you see a lot of redevelopment around you, that is a good sign.

5. Both, Take Advantage of Technology

Real estate agencies now use different software and technology that can rate the livability of an area based on air and water quality for example. Make sure you are asking the right questions and seeing if this type of information or technology is available to you. If not, try and find out where you could get this information.

Sanders Wallis recently passed the Georgia Real Estate Commission Exam and one day hopes to own a real estate agency. Currently, he is the Director of New Business Development for the Wallis Printing Company.

Networking and Finding Leads

A good salesman can smell a lead from a mile away. Account executives and salesmen offering services like web marketing and printing services have to cater to each individual client as if they were the last paying customer on earth. This makes the clients feel like they are the center of attention. Salesmen find leads everywhere and can network in any situation. Finding leads is mostly about who you know in the industry. Good salesmen know who to know and make a point to give all of the important people their card. While it can be awkward to involve family in your business relationships, sometimes the most productive relationships can be between family members in a service business like printing or advertising.

Salesmen use every opportunity to network and hand out cards. They don’t wait for the convention, they take important clients out to lunch before the convention, so they know they’re special. They always have cards to hand out in any situation. Sometimes the best connections are made at the bar at three in the afternoon. They are more than people pleasers, they are people-getters.

Sanders Wallis is an example of an excellent salesman. He is a former Account Executive for Wallis Printing, helping to bring in and retain several major clients for the company. In 2009, Wallis was recognized as one of the top salesmen of the year. He is now the Director of New Business Development for Wallis Printing and consults with company leadership about the efficacy of the sales team.

Generating More Leads and More Clients

As a new entrepreneur or an established business person, you probably already know how important it is to network and get to know as many people in your industry sphere as possible. Chances are, you haven’t gotten to where you are without going to conventions and trade shows with a pocket full of business cards and a smile. You know where to look for leads and potential clients, but what do you do after the convention when you have to go back to your business and consistently generate more clients and leads for your company?

Meeting people at trade shows and through other large scale means is great, but in order to consistently bring in clients at all times, you have to make networking and generating leads a large part of your everyday business. Every day, you should be talking to at least three people about your company and your brand. Your brand is the face of your company that you present to the world. You can’t only rely on advertising and word of mouth to do your work for you. These marketing methods are great, but they aren’t a substitute for running your networking machine for your business. As an account executive or salesperson, it’s your job to make all of your potential clients feel special and not just another name on a list.

Sanders Wallis works for Wallis Printing as the Director of New Business Development. He is a former account executive responsible for bringing in some of the company’s most reliable and consistent clients.