Forest Biome Project


Basic information

The major tropical rain forests locations are in South America, Asia, Africa, Madagascar, Central America, Amazon, Olympic rain forest.the landscape in are forest biome has Rivers,Plains,Lakes,Hills,Oceans.The plant life in the rain forest is wet, humid. What makes are biome unique is that it is the most beautiful wilderness experience in the planet.are climate is usually 50 f 10 c in the summer is often 70 f and 21 c


I am going to tell you about the plants in the rainforest. the first thing I am going to tell you about is what its like for plants life in the rainforest .rainforest plants live in a warm humid environment.the variation is rare in more temperate climate.some like orchids have beautiful flowers adapted to attract to effusion of forest insects.


In the rain forest it is hot humid and yes, rainy. the forest gets about 50-250 inches of rain a year. surprisingly the rain forest does not have seasons like we do, it is the same temperature year round. it is sort of shocking how the weather can destroy our biome. if the rain stops everything that needs a lot of rain will die.


A few words to describe a rain forest are tropical, hot, humid, rainy, darkish, clustered around the equator, tall trees, animals, and found in Africa, Asia, and Great Amazon base.The soil is very moist and soft from all the rainy days.Their are plains, rivers, lakes, hills, and oceans.


I am going to tell you about the rain forest. The first thing I'm going to tell you about the rain forest is what the animals are like in the rain forest. The animals have to be able to adapt to rainy and hot weather, without being eaten by the many animals that live there. Here are some of the native animals in our biome: tree frogs, flying dragons, spider monkeys, sloths, jaguars, chimpanzees.

Threatening the Forest

we are going to tell you what is threatening are biome . one of the things that is threatening are biome is deforestation we came up with the idea of having a petition and making posters. The other thing that is threatening are forest biome is forest fires we thought that there could be more forest rangers so when there are forest fires they can call right away so there isn't as much damage done to the forest.
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