Team News 2.23

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

Week 8 of 2020. Gearing up for Lent.


This week we begin Lent. What will your class do during these 40 days? As a school, we will have Mass together on Wednesday and schedule reconciliation for 3rd to 8th grade. What will your class do?

NEW EVERY WEDNESDAY: 1PM to 1:45PM: Weekly Front Office Meeting

Ms. Rosa, Ms. Molly, Ms. Salazar and Ms. Cortez will be having a weekly front office meeting. Anytime you have field trip needs, event coordination and planning, room scheduling, reimbursement requests, maintenance requests that are still pending, cleaning concerns, supply needs, pre-planned sub requests and more---get them to us before 9AM on Wednesdays so we can make sure to support you.

We will be discussing the Master Calendar each time at these meetings so ANYTHING--sports, events, parish participation, etc please get it to us!

Any info to submit, please email or discuss with Molly by 9AM on Wednesdays.


Lenten Resources for YOU and your class.

Reminders and Updates

  • Submit your Payroll.

  • Ash Distribution. We will need at least 3, maybe more, to distribute ashes on foreheads on Wednesday. I will train you. If you would like to take part in this ministry, let me know by Monday end of the day.

  • DUE March 2: Campus Assessment Feedback. EVERYONE needs to complete this.
  • Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Buckner will get us info for Parade at 9:30AM on Tuesday--stay tuned! See you there.
  • ER Sub plans were due last week. Get them in. Please!!!
  • Early Release on 2/28/2020 is for you. Half day for you to go out and do what you need. No programing on our end. Leave after your dismissal duties are done!!
  • Each week, I will include a handbook reminder---see below for process for requesting time off. I am including this one because one out of every 5 requests does not follow this process. Not pointing any fingers and I know I slow it down too. Let's all get on track to help each other!

This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Please remember to email your club students at least 24 hours in advance (if feasible) if you are going to be absent. If families need ASC due to club cancellation, we will not charge until 4:15PM.


12PM, Ms. Sheila out, returning for ASC

Mrs. Moncrief out and will return TBD.


  • 5th Grade out in AM for Archbishop's Mass
  • 9:30AM Mardi Gras Parade in Gym
  • 1:45PM, Ms. Sally out, Mr. Patrick to sub.


  • Ms. Sally out, Mr. Patrick to sub, break during nap
  • Ash Wednesday Mass, Follow Friday Schedule
  • 1PM to 1:45PM: Weekly Front Office Meeting--Ms. Molly, Ms. Rosa, Ms. Salazar and Ms. Cortez


  • Tentative--8th Grade out at 12PM for Service Kick Off for Archdiocese (still pending a bus driver will confirm by end of day Monday)
  • Mrs. Fischer out at 2:30PM, No sub needed.


  • No Mass. Follow Wednesday schedule and/or makeup classes missed on Wed.
  • Mrs. Johnson out, Ms. Julie to sub.
  • Early Release, everyone except ASC, go home after dismissal.
  • Fish Fry in Cafeteria, set up begins at 2PM, ASC in Gym. Team members get a $1 off if you go!

If it's not on here, I overlooked your request or did not receive one. Please review carefully and let me know ASAP.

****Please remember to secure your OWN sub for any duties---lunch, morning, etc---that will be unstaffed due to your absence.*******

FEBRUARY Mass Information

Feb 26 1st grade *Ash Wednesday, No Mass on Friday---Will schedule Reconciliation.

Friday School Mass Positions to Secure BY TUESDAY OF THE MASS WEEK.

1) First Reader

2) Psalm Reader

3) Gift Bearers (3)

All School Sunday Mass Positions to Secure BY TUESDAY of the Mass Week. Email and confirm with Admin and Parents, Please!

1) First Reader

2) Second Reader

3) Gift Bearers (4)

4) Servers (2)--Secure with Mrs. Ortiz

Please always confirm readers and begin practicing with them by Tuesday. Please email your assignments to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar by Wednesday.

Handbook Reminder: Process for Requesting Time Off

Process for Requesting Time Off

1) At least 5 business days before absence AND before emailing or contacting colleagues, notify Principal and Vice-Principal via EMAIL or TEXT together. The principal will give approval or denial.

2) Immediately put approval in PAYLOCITY upon principal approval. If you do not have hours left, put it in as leave without pay.

3) THEN, contact all colleagues that will be affected by your absence and let them know you will be out.

4) At least 1 business day before your absence, check-in with administration to ensure sub-plan still holds.

5) At least 1 business day before your absence, remind your colleagues.

6) Upon return bring any doctors notes or jury summons, etc. to Rosa.

7) If you miss a meeting during your absence, connect with Admin or leader of the meeting to get materials needed.

***If you hear nothing anywhere in this process, follow up.

Policies to Remember from Team Handbook

Leave requests are approved on a first-come basis, therefore after 3 employees have requested leave for the day all other requests will be denied.

Black out dates: NOT available to request to leave

o Inservice/Professional Development days.

o Required Archdiocesan Events, including but not limited to, Convocation and the Assembly.

o The day before or after any school holiday.

o The first and last two weeks of the school year.

Personal leave, whether paid personal leave or leave without pay, must not exceed one week at a time.

Jury Duty Time required for jury duty is given with pay in addition to normal leave time. An employee is expected to work on days when the jury is not in session. No deductions will be made from the employee’s salary.

Bereavement Permanent employees will be granted up to three days paid leave off in the event of death in their immediate family. Immediate family is defined as an employee’s spouse, child, parent or sibling. Leave for part-time employees is proportionate to time worked. In the event of death in the employee’s family other than those listed above, the supervisor will use his/her sole discretion in granting leave.

Cheat Sheets for Parents and Students for Sunday Mass--Coming SOON!

Big picture

2020 Duty Schedule

Big picture

Grading Deadlines

Report Card Quarter 3: Grades and Skill Sets due by March 17 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 4: Grades complete by Sunday, April 19.

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.

SHOUT OUTS, Special KUDOS this Past Week

  • I saw TONS. What did you see? Can you send me gratitude for your colleagues this week?
  • SO MUCH MORE GRATITUDE---all the little things you do each minute that never go noticed publicly and keep us glued together and firmly rooted in CHRIST.

I NEED YOUR HELP! I don't see everything on campus. At least every other week, could you text me or email me or tell me in the hall, something awesome one our team members did? I'd like to make it public.

Missed our Team Meeting? Minutes and Notes here!

School Schedules: Duty, Classroom and Contact Information