LHS Weekly Update #24

January 29, 2021

Welcome Back Malemutes!

In Person Option

We are ready to welcome back students choosing the in person option this Monday. Please take the time to read through our expectations, watch our video, and reach out if you have questions. It's going to take all of to help keep each other healthy and to keep school open.

Registration Reminder

If you did not register for 2021-2022 classes this week, you have a little more time to complete this. Friday, Feb. 5th is the final day students can access registration in Powerschool.

You can access directions and class information here: http://bit.ly/lhsregistration2021

Contact your Lathrop Counselor with any questions on registration.

Ignition Mentors Made Signs and Banners to Welcome Students to the Building on Monday, February 1.

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How Will Lunch Work?

Your second period class determines your zone for lunch. Students getting school lunch (which is free for all students) will choose one of 3 lunch stations. Every meal option is available at every station. Students have 3 choices for where to eat lunch: library, cafeteria, and rock garden hall. Students need to choose a permanent seat by lunch on Tuesday as we will create a seating chart for the remainder of the quarter. It is closed campus at lunch.

During lunch students are all seated 6 feet apart. Masks may be off while eating. Restrooms will be available.

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What can I Expect if I Stay Remote?

Teachers will continue to use Google Classroom to post assignments and for students to hand in work whether students are remote or in person. Remote students can expect things to look a little different as teachers will be navigating teaching both in person and remote simultaneously. How this looks will vary from class to class, teacher to teacher.

Thank you for your patience as we all work through the changes.

LHS - Feb 1, 2021 breakdown

When do I come? Where do I go? What do I do?

Students can come between 9am and 9:10am. Enter at Hering or Front Office doors. If eating breakfast, it is served and eaten in the cafeteria. Otherwise, students should head straight to class (no lingering in halls, please). Class starts at 9:15am.

Take a look at your schedule in Powerschool so you know your room number for 1st period. If you forget, there will be posters throughout the building with your first period class information. Staff and Ignition mentors will be on hand to help you find your way.

During 1st period all students will receive a paper copy of their schedule, a school map, and will review expectations and sign a contract (more on that below).

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What's this about Bathroom Breaks?

Each class period there will be an assigned bathroom break. The entire class will take a walk to the assigned bathroom for anyone who needs to use it. This serves two purposes. It helps us track student movement around the building, and it gives students a chance to get up and move at some point during their 80 minute class period. Passes will still be given for emergency situations.

If you have symptoms, have travelled outside of Alaska in the past 14 days, or are a close contact of a Covid-positive person, you cannot come to school. Call the front office and follow protocol on the Daily Decision Tree.

LHS Contract for In-Person Students

Each student who chooses the in-person option will sign a contract:

Lathrop welcomes all students to the building. It is extremely important that we all follow protocols to stay safe and healthy. It is required that any students in the building follow these expectations. .

  • I understand that if I have any Covid Symptoms, are a close contact of a Covid-positive person, or have recently travelled out of state, I will not come to school and must let the nurse, administrator and/or front office know (see Daily Decision Tree).
  • I will wear a mask that covers my mouth and nose at all times when in the building; only taking it off when eating lunch.
  • I will follow social distancing - stay 6 feet apart from others at all times.
  • I will arrive to the building between 9am and 9:10am and will go straight to my classroom (if eating school breakfast I can come starting at 8:45am and will eat in the cafeteria).
  • I will exit the building by 3pm each day.
  • I understand that I will not have access to a school locker.
  • Each day I will bring my fully charged Chromebook, charger, extra mask, textbooks, earbuds or headphones, water bottle, and other basic school supplies (paper, writing utensils, etc...).
  • I understand that during the 5 minute passing periods I must go straight to my next class. I cannot linger in the hallway. I cannot use the bathroom at that time.
  • I understand that I cannot leave at lunch or leave during any class including SSP. **If I am a senior with a free period I can NOT remain in the building during that time.
  • I understand that I cannot eat in the classroom. Drinking from a water bottle will be allowed but I should not completely remove my mask.
  • I will follow directions regarding all lunchtime procedures including - eating lunch in my assigned space, staying in the building for lunch (closed campus), staying 6 feet from others.
  • I understand that each class will have assigned times for bathroom breaks.
  • I understand that if I do not follow these expectations I will not be allowed in the building and will face disciplinary consequences.
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Change in the School Calendar

The 2020-2021 Academic Calendar has been updated to account for the November 9th closure due to Inclement Weather. The changes are as follows:

The last day of school will now be Wednesday, May 19th (final exams on May 18th and 19th).

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Black History Month Contest

In celebration of Black History Month, the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) are proud to sponsor the Black History Month Contest - The Black Family: Representation, Identity, & Diversity—“Moving the World Forward.” We invite all K-12 students to participate in this annual contest.

This program is an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge, encourage the study of Black History, and show excellence in creativity. We hope that this program can open dialogue to educate our students about the importance of Black History.

Contest Rules:


Grades K-3: Label and color three (3) pictures of African American families.

*Pictures of notable African Americans for students to color are available from https://bit.ly/3nmPXnl

Grades 4-6: Make a poster on your interpretation of the theme.

Middle/High School:

Grades 7-8: Submit a typed, original, 150-word essay using this year’s theme and illustrate it with your original artwork.

Grades 9-12: Submit a typed, original, 250-word essay using this year’s theme, works cited page, and illustrate it with your original artwork.

*Please include the student’s Name, Grade, Teacher, and School on each entry item. Please include a class roster of all participants with the student’s Names, Grade, Teacher, and School if submitting entries as a class. All entries MUST have a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian.

If students are remote and want to participate, they may email copies of their project to eeo@k12northstar.org. However, if they can drop off their original to their homeschool to be delivered to the Administrative District Center, that would be great.

There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes for each grade category. Additionally, all participants will receive a certificate of participation. Entries need to be submitted and received by 4:00 pm, Friday, March 5, 2021, to the EEO Office in the FNSBSD Administrative Center, 520 Fifth Ave. 3rd Floor, Fairbanks, AK 99701.

Permission Slip


Tutoring Available at No Cost to High School Students

2021 Senior Grad Celebration Planning

ATTN: Senior Parents - to be involved in planning the graduation celebration:

Please complete the Google Form to be added to the planning list: https://forms.gle/BHSquHpqNsyQ9rbx7

Also sign up for the parent GroupMe App for quick and easy communication.

GroupMe App Lathrop Grad Night 2021

'Lathrop Grad Night 2021' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/63702981/FxWCLZSq

Contact Dawniel Dupee with any questions: rdupee@gci.net

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Lathrop High School

Lathrop High School is committed to fostering academic success, creativity, civic responsibility, healthy lifestyles, and personal integrity, within a culturally diverse community, to achieve success in a 21st century world.