Marco Polo

The traveler

Early life

- Born in 1254, in Venice, Italy.

- Died in 1324.

- Buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Venice.

- He learned to trade from his father and uncle.

- Kublai Khan sent marco into far areas of Asia never before explored by Europeans

- Niccolo and Maffeo Polo brought Marco to Asia and helped him in many things.

- His mother died when he was young

Time in China

He traveled to China and he lived there for 23 years. Kublai Khan gave Marco a stamped metal packet that server as official credentials. Kublai sent him to Burma, India, Tibet and other places that were new to him. Later Marco served as governor of a Chinese city and later que became the official of the Privy Council.

At Kublai Khan's Court

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" I have not told half of what I saw "

Life in prison

After his return to Venice, Marco commanded a ship against the rival city of Genoa and he got captured. He was sent to prison and there he met a writter named Rustichello. They became friends and Marco telled him many of his adventures throughout the world. His stories were committed to paper and published a book called " The Travels of Marco Polo "


His travels has captured many writters, historians and readers throught the centuries. The book was one of the most important accounts of the world outside Europa available at that time. Also chinese historians valorate his work because it helps them to understand important events of his past. Marco Polo´s work has also been used in maps like the Catalan World Map of 1375. Finally some people say that Columbus had a copy of his book while traveling to America.