🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷

By. yanixza quezada


One of the most popular dessert in france are macarons.

Fun fact: macarons are the most popular on france because they're tasty and you can design as your own . Also, in France people eat cray fish

Capital City And Countries Nearby

Paris is the capital and most famous populous city of France. Paris was found in the 3rd century BC by the Celtic People called the Parissi. Furthermore, the countries nearby France are Germany,Italy,England,Spain and Slovenia.

The Size And Climate Of France

The size of France is 212,935 square miles (551,500 sq km); slightly smaller than the size of Texas the land is mostly green and grassy. France has cool winters and mild summers.
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Traditions And Holidays

This is two of the holidays celebrated at france. Bastille day Is celebrated on november 11 and armistice day is celebrated on july 14.

Languages Spoken in France

People speak many languages in France but the main languages they speak are:

  • French
  • English
  • Britsh (All official languages)

What Do They Produce

In france they produce grape wine and crepps.
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