Pregnancy Trimester By Trimester

Daven Nichols Hr:6

Trimester One

During the first trimester of pregnancy is the mom will have her last period. The mother will also expect more weight gain, this can come from the baby or fatigue from foods if she doesn't continue being active. Nausea will occur during the first trimester and spotting of the skin. The fetus implants the egg. The egg begins to fertilize in the lining of the uterus. The fetus starts to grow and over time going into the second trimester the baby will show on the outside.

Trimester Two

In the Second trimester the risk of having a miscarriage will increase as long with the sex drive. The mother should be taking more vitamins if its pills or the gummy or just the regular consumption of healthy food. The mother should also watch what she puts in her body because that also ends up going to the baby. The fetus will be growing during this process. The fetus will start or already developed fingerprints.

Timester Three

The mothers body hair will start to grow more. Her blood pressure will also be naturally elevated the what is normally is. She can't have a miscarriage when the third trimester starts. The baby is more than half way through developing and start to move around and act like it's stretching. The baby will start to plump up right and move around a lot more. For the father, he should be 100% supportive through out the whole pregnancy even though it may be hard. The mother of your child needs you, she can't do it without you. Make sure she is going to the doctor appointments on time and whatever other essentials she may need.