Engage and Learn March 11, 2016


Google Hacks that will Blow Your Mind

Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone is done with the first round of ISTEP and ready for SPRING BREAK!! I have been in so many different rooms and I love working with all of you! Keep doing the badges, classes, emailing me, and doing great things for your students!!


Mrs. Endres in the Elementary: drawing along with Disney artists from MGM studios on youtube. There are different characters that range in difficulty level which she is planning to use to differentiate next time.

Mr. Irvin for using Socrative with his students!!

Mr. Medich for doing the Google Drive Badge! :)

Mrs. Cohagan for having her students use Powtoon.com and make engaging presentations!

Mr. Ardnt for posting videos on Google classroom for reteaching and pre-instruction!!

Mr. Fishburn for using Educanon with his students!!!

Mrs. Phenix for kicking out some Badges!!

Mrs. Branda and Mrs. Hostetler for making digital forms for teachers to assess their students.

Mr. McPherson for starting to flip his classroom with self made videos!

Mrs. Zechiel for digitizing her spelling bee!

Mrs. Shively for getting her IPads ready to go for her High Ability group!!

A device is a device! It is what you allow the students to do with the device that matters!!