June 4, 2002

-Tori Pugliano

Celebrities born on my birthday

Mackenzie Ziegler- Dancer on Lifetime hit TV show Dance Moms. Born in 2004

Angelina Jolie- Actress, Born in 1975

Russell Brand- Actor, Born in 1975

Lee Malia- Lead Guitarist for Bring Me The Horizon, Born in 1986

Noah Wyle- TV Actor. born in 1971

Events that happened on June 4th


June 4th, 1942- The Battle of Midway begins

June 4th, 1911- Gold is discovered in Alaska's Indian Creek

June 4th, 1984- DNA is successfully cloned from an extinct animal

June 4th,1892- Abercrombie and Fitch was discovered

June 4th, 1825- Unseasonable hurricane hits NYC

Interesting facts about the month June

June is the national candy month

June is the first month of the Summer season

June is national Dairy month

Fathers day is in June

The birth-flower of June is the rose

Three Birthday Memories I have

In 2012 on my 10th birthday me and my friend went to a bowling alley, the bowling alley gave me a bowling pin and everyone got to write their names and notes on it, it was really cool.

Second birthday memory

Me and my cousins got to have a triple birthday party together since our birthdays are all in June it was really fun because all of our family came together and we had a good time.

Third birthday memory

I don't live with my dad, so I got to go up to Illinois where he lives and have a birthday party up there with my friends and family up there.