The MAD Glass

See Things In A New Angle

A new gadget that acts like a phone without looking down

The MAD Glass attaches onto a normal pair of glasses, and even comes with a pair. It displays images on a semi-transparent glass strip that shows in front of the glasses. The Mad Glass functions mostly by voice command. By default, it has support for social applications, such as testing, Augmented Reality applications, GPS navigation, and games. The MAD Glass runs on the Android OS.


Social: Users can call, text, and play multimedia (like music). Also supports text translation, such as Chinese to English.
Games and Entertainment: Play both standard and AR (Augmented Reality) games. Augmented reality involves changing how the world around you looks.
GPS Navigation: Hands-free GPS.



The MAD Glass comes with 2 GB ram and up to 32 GB storage. Compared to a phone, this is great. It is fairly large, but hands-free. It can only record 5 minutes of video. It has a low refresh rate, meaning a lower frames-per-second. It has 2 cores, which is usually standard for laptop computers.
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Official Website

The official website shows the performance and specifications of the MAD Glass
The Kickstarter page is at