PLC Agenda

September 20, 2016

English Department Norms

1. Start on time--end on time (1:15-2:25)

2. Be an engaged participant

3. Be an active listener and open to new ideas

4. Use electronics respectfully

5. Presume positive intentions

We are ONE (one team, one vision, one success)


  • Lesson plans are due on September 22, 2016!!! (Upload to Google Classroom)
  • Curriculum map for the 2nd six weeks due on September 27, 2016!!!! (Upload to grade level folder)

PLC Protocols

The following roles must be assigned for each PLC:

  • Facilitator
  • Recorder (Minutes)-I have emailed the PLC minutes form to each recorder. It is also uploaded in our Google drive folder in the minutes folder
  • Timekeeper

Facilitators: Ms. Jordan, Mr. Valderas, Ms. Worsham, Mr. Dees

Recorders:Ms. Nichols, Ms. Shockley, Mr. Warnock, Ms. Blankenship

Timekeepers: Ms. Roman, Ms. Phillips, Ms. McGinty, Mr. Dees

  • Please the minutes in the department folder labeled Department Minutes in the proper grade level.


  1. Review of norms
  2. Reflections, Connections, Enlightenment since last meeting
  3. If you have not completed please do so: Instructional Survey (Vega), Retesters count (department)
  4. Discuss PDPs - Leads show team how to access and enter information in School Net
  5. Sign up for Goal-Setting Conference (shared in Google Docs)
  6. Grade level planning (ensure the ELPS included in your planning)
Think positively cartoon