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September 4, 2020

Class participation (attendance)

Please encourage your student to join their scheduled synchronous class meeting each day. On Monday, that is every period except period 5. On Tuesday/Thursday, this is periods 5-8. On Wednesday/Friday, this is periods 1-4. Participation in these periods is recorded via IC. Asynchronous periods are not marked as participated/absent. We have resolved the IC issue around participation during asynchronous periods and you should not receive any notifications regarding these periods.

Parent view lesson plans

Beginning on September 8, on our website, we will be providing you with a parent-friendly version of what is occurring for each class for the week. You will find information including:

1. Standards & learning target

2. Upcoming assessments (summative assessments, quizzes or performance tasks)

3. The synchronous instructional topics

4. Asynchronous instructional task, support opportunity or optional supplemental lesson

We hope this will provide you with useful information around what your student is learning and assigned to complete for the week.

FCS Phase In - Phase 1

Phase 1 of the FCS re-entry plan will begin on September 8. There are few changes for middle school students in Phase 1; however, this phase does allow for 1:1, face to face help sessions with a teacher. These appointments can occur during a student's asynchronous period for that class. These sessions may be initiated by the student, staff, or parent and will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Students and/or parents should email a teacher to set up a 1:1, face to face, help session. To honor the students within the period who may also need support or have questions, face to face help sessions are limited to 20 minutes.

Please note parents and guardians will need to plan for transportation during phase 1 and will wait in their car or outside the building for their student. As always, staff members can support students through TEAMS. Only one student at a time may meet with a teacher face to face, and students must wear masks while they are at school. All students should enter through the front entrance of the school and temperature checks of any student will occur. All students will sanitize their hands in the front lobby before moving to classrooms.

Excused absence request

Notes for excused absences should be sent to

FCS Tech Hotline

Please continue to use the FCS tech hotline for technical/laptop issues. This is our district's centralized system of support.

Two numbers for the tech hotline are 470.254.2300 and 470.254.4357.

Homeroom on Tuesday & Thursday

Homeroom occurs during 5th period every Tuesday and Thursday. Students will meet with their 4th period teacher. During this time, we will be implementing our Student Success Skills curriculum that centers around strategies to promote social & emotional wellness.

Students will log into their Flex period team at 1:15 on Tuesday & Thursday.

TEAMS issues

There is not a foolproof technology platform. We continue to experience intermittent issues with TEAMS.

A good practice is for students to shut their device down completely each night and restart each morning. This often eliminates glitches.

Check for TEAMS updates within the platform. If you hover over your personal icon, there is an option "Check for Updates."

An additional troubleshooting tip is if using the TEAMS app isn't working, enter TEAMS through the web and vice versa.

AVID tutors needed

We are actively recruiting adult (18 years old +) AVID tutors for the 20-21 school year as the AVID program is growing into 8th grade this year. AVID is a 7th and 8th grade college and career readiness connections class. You DO NOT need to be an expert in 7th or 8th grade curriculum. A willingness to learn the AVID tutorial process and a genuine desire to help students succeed academically and socially is all that is required. The bonds built between tutors and students are so meaningful and rewarding for all! Our current tutors can certainly attest to what a wonderful experience they had last year.

This is a paid position of $10/hr and training is provided. There is a small fee for fingerprinting and badging. Tutorials will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams every Tuesday and Thursday during 1st (9-9:45 am), 3rd ( 11-11:45 am), 6th (1:30-2:15 pm), and 7th (2:30-3:15 pm) periods. This is a year long commitment and you have the flexibility to commit to as many class periods as you would like. You do not need to own the Microsoft Office suite to be an eligible tutor. Tutorials will not begin until September for 8th grade and October for 7th grade. If you are interested, please contact Maggie Nelms at Thank you!

Summit Counseling Onsite at CMS

Text 4 Help

The CMS counselors want you to know that if your child needs help from a mental health professional for themselves or a friend – they can text CMSHUSKIES to 1-844-201-9946. A licensed professional will respond within 5 minutes.

It is safe, anonymous and available 24/7 if needed.

Remember – it is OK to ask for HELP.

Please reach out to Amy Levin or Gina Severino if you have any questions.

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FCS Code of Conduct

The Fulton County Schools Code of Conduct can be found at this link along with on our website. If you would like a printed copy, we have received a limited number. Please have your student visit the front office.

CMS Strategic plan

Over the course of last year, our school governance council embarked on a journey of crafting our new strategic plan. This plan, with school specific with goals and initiatives, aligns with our district plan focusing on four pillars: student achievement, people & culture, community collaboration and fiscal responsibility. Our strategic plan will guide our work for the next five years. Please read our strategic plan by visiting our website.


2020 PTA Membership

HELLO From the PTA!

It's time to purchase your PTA membership, contribute to the Support Our Husky Pack annual fundraiser, and confirm your family information. This will be the only fundraiser we have, whether we are virtual or back in the building! Help us reach our two goals of 600 members and $20,000 this year!

What does Support Our Husky Pack mean? The Husky Pack is the PTA’s direct way to contribute to Crabapple Middle School. There are no "Room Parents" to raise money during the year. Husky Pack dollars will provide additional materials for teachers and labs, supplies for learning spaces, student and staff mental wellness, digital content for students in every grade, and more creative opportunities to enhance learning. Approximately $40 is spent on each student every year to enrich learning through the Husky Pack. And all donations are tax deductible.

We are doing everything online this year to make things easy! You will need to RE-ACTIVATE your Membership Toolkit Account, then you can join the PTA, make contributions to support our Husky Pack, confirm your family information, and access the school directory.

Just follow these easy steps:

· Go to <>

· Click on the Register/Login button

· Enter your email and password information, or create a new account if you don't have one already

· Confirm your student and family information and directory preferences

· Go to the online store and join the PTA and contribute to the Husky Pack

· Download the Membership Toolkit App to your phone for easy access anywhere. It's FREE!

NEW! CMS notepads are being offered for joining at the Bronze Level or higher! Car magnets and decals are still for sale too.

BONUS! Join the PTA online and your promo items will be delivered to your home thru the mail!

We will get thru this school year TOGETHER and make it the BEST EVER! See you soon!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Huskies Helping Huskies

Information resources

Facebook - Get up to date information regarding school events and activities by joining the “Crabapple Middle School” Facebook Group

Crabapple Middle website - The CMS website has a monthly calendar on the bottom right corner of the front page. Also find teacher contact information, forms, past “Husky Happenings” newsletters, and other important news here

PTA Website - Check out the CMS-PTA website for additional information regarding the PTA at CMS. Find information regarding volunteering at the school, special programs and upcoming events here

Twitter - Follow Crabapple Middle, Rako Morrissey, or many of our staff members on Twitter for postings of events and things happening around our school.