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Making it Count!

#MayMatters #LastBell

In this smore we are focusing on mindset, teaching, and engagement.

Instead of counting down the days we have left in school until summer...lets count how many days we have to make a difference!

I challenge you to make MayMatters until the LastBell!

Feel free to share your resources, ideas, and classroom activities (social media approved) at the hashtags below!



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If you missed the last R10 chat, the focus was on Teacher Motivation!

We have 16 days until the last bell to Make A Difference!

If you feel like one of the images below...click on some of the resources shared to help find your "May Matters" mindset!

#Truth ---> This time of year is hard. Teachers are tired.... students are tired!

Q: How can you make May a month you and your students will remember?

* If your having fun so are your students! May- Making Learning Fun while teaching!

Q: How will you teach to the last bell?

* Resources shared below!

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(Mindset & Rejuvenate)

Teacher Resources:

If we are not in the right mindset...then how can we ask our students to be?

Below are resources to help you find your May Matters Mindset! #r10chat

* Podcasts are my favorite!

May Matters #FUN!

Classroom Resources:

My second favorite time of year is May!

Why??? It's a great time of year to try something new!

It not only offered my students a new and fun learning experience but it also gave me the opportunity to try out a new activity and tweak it for the following school year!

This time of year also gave me a chance to try a new tool myself and use it with my students! Or better yet... if you have older students let them teach you about a new educational tool! We are #LifeLongLearners!

If anyone is interested in other resources or would like assistance in trying a new technology tool please let me know! Lets make May Matter and have some fun learning experiences! <3

Below are a few generic resources you may be interested in. If you are looking for grade level or content specific resources please let me know!

Technology Resources you might be interested in trying:

  • Classroom Connections with the world! Skype Connected Classrooms Mystery Clsrm
  • Do a Breakout EDU game! *Ask me how!
  • EOY Digital Projects → Ask me about resources! #ChromeCart
  • EOY Blogging → Ask me! #ChromeCart
  • Google Classroom - Try it out now for next school year!
  • Google Classroom Enrichment Class - Create Your Enrichment Today!
  • Google Slides - Student EOY activities
  • Twitter - Teacher PLN for Summer Learning
  • Skoolbo (Elementary / ESL)
  • Math Prodigy (Grades 1-8)
  • Code.org for students!
  • Arcademics Games (Grades 1-6)

Other ideas:

Resources linked below:

  • Tech Tools you can try!
  • Fun EOY Ideas
  • New Videos released from Discovery
  • Other EOY resources
Content Showcase: Episode 13
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