Fun Activities To Do In Africa

Your guide to tourists attractions in Africa

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The Nile River

An astounding 4,160 miles long.The longest river in the world.It flows through part of Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,and Zaire.It supports almost all agriculture.Is an important source of hydroelectric power.Jump into the Nile.
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Mount Kilimanjaro

Located northeast of Tanzania.The highest mountain in Africa.It is an extinct volcano.It rises in two peaks Kibo(19,340ft) and Mawenzi(17,564ft).Watch the wild life.
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Sahara desert

The Sahara desert is 3,500,000 square miles. It extends from the Atlantic ocean to the Red sea.It is boarded by the Atlas mountains and the Mediterranean. 15% Sand dunes.70% coarse gravel. Has some of the harshest climates and strong winds.Sand surf in the desert.
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Located on the Indian Ocean.It is separated from the east African coast by the Mozambique channel.4th largest island.Made up of island plateau.Overwhelmingly agricultural.Whale watch in Madagascar.