Gus Quillin

7th Hour

My likes and Hobbies

I like to play baseball, hunt, fish and rope and I'm in FFA. My favorite thing to do is work cattle I love everything from branding in the spring to doctoring in the summer to fall work and calving in the winter.
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I started school at Buhler Grade, then I went to Prairie Hills, now I am a Junior at Buhler High School. One of my favorite teachers I've had is Mr. Seuser.
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My Family

The Quillin's

I live with my mom, dad, and sister. My mom's name is Amy and she owns a bead store on main street in Hutch. My dad's name is Ty and he designs conveyors for grain elevators. My sisters name is Willow and she is in 6th grade at Prairie Hills.

Health Concerns

I do not have any health concerns to worry about.