Second Grade

Week 6

Hello 2nd Grade Parents,

We hope everyone is doing great and our all well. We have enjoyed getting to Zoom with our students and seeing all the great work they are doing. We are so proud of them!

Below you will find various links that include: teaching notes, videos, graphic organizers, charts, math review, etc. All documents that require you to print off are a PDF file for easy access. We have also provided the same paper copies at the school for pick up on Thursday, April 30th. The copies at school will be no different than the PDF files attached to this newsletter.

We are asking parents to submit the completed work digitally by Friday, May 1st or on Thursday, April 30th when you pick up your new learning at home packet. We prefer digitally if all possible, but understand if you need to drop it off.

Parents, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Your Child's Second grade teachers

Math Review

Please complete the math review below. Remember to use your strategies and do your best. The math review can be done on notebook paper if you would like to instead of printing the math review.

Your Math Review Days 1-4 will be Due, May 1st.

Math Topic

This week you will review addition and subtraction. Right before spring break we had just started solving 3-digit addition and subtraction. It has been on math review so hopefully the students are getting the hang of it. If not, please reach out to your child's teacher they will gladly help out.

  • I can solve addition and subtraction word problems within 1,000.


  • Watch brainpop Jr " Addition and Subtraction" the video is only 2 digit by 1 digit but it gives great examples on how to use base-ten blocks when solving. Create a FREE account.

  • Two other videos that will also help with regrouping.


Have students complete the practice page with guidance.


Have students complete the addition and subtraction assignment problems:

Assignment Addition/Subtraction page will be submitted by, May 1st.


This week students will use inference skills by using evidence in text to support their understanding of the story or situation. Students will practice this week applying those skills to short situations. Next week, students will apply it to a story.

Complete both activities with your child:

  • Listen to Brainpop Jr " Make Inferences"

  • Anchor Chart

  • Making Inferences (Jake)

  • Making Inferences Cards#1-3

Making Inferences Cards #1-3 will be due on May 1st.

EXTRA***You can continue to have your child read various books and respond using the questions below.

Big picture
Scholastic Learn at Home Grades 1-2

Scholastic has daily activities you can complete at home.


This week you will bring your personal narrative together and publish your final story.

  • Watch Episode 5: Closing

  • Watch Episode 8: Publishing

  • After watching the videos publish your personal narrative in your best handwriting.

If you would like you can add a cover page that has a picture and the author's name. If you are a student who turns in paper copies, please turn this in with your other papers. If you submit your work digitally to your teacher, take a picture and show her your best work!

Turn in your final published personal narrative by May 1st.

Word Study

Students have been learning to identify, use, and explain the meaning of antonyms, synonyms, idioms, and homographs.

Watch Brainpop Jr "Synonyms and Antonyms" Create a FREE account!

Use the anchor chart to review each type of word.

This week, we are asking students to write eight sentences. Students will write:

  • two sentences that contain an antonym,
  • two sentences that contain a synonym,
  • two sentences that contain an idiom, and
  • two sentences that contain a homograph.

These sentences may be completed on any paper from home. Please remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, end each sentence with the correct punctuation, and use your best handwriting! We are looking forward to seeing your great work!

Eight Sentences -will be Due, May 1st.


This week students will explore animal characteristics. Attached is a ppt you can view with your child to compare the characteristics of animals. Some of the slides have video links attached. Look for the blue writing. It looks like the links are working if you just click on the writing.

Mini lesson

View the attached pictures with your child.


Use the attached pages to complete with your child.

Pages 1, 3, 4, and 5 will be Due, May 1st.

Social Studies

This week you will explore historical figures.

Discussion points:

  • Historical figures, patriots, and good citizens helped shape our community, state, and nation.
  • Amelia Earhart and Robert Fulton exhibited individualism and inventiveness.


Watch the Amelia Earhart video on BrainPop Jr. Create a free account!

Amelia Earhart Video

Robert Fulton-Steamboat video

Fact Page on Amelia Earhart and Robert Fulton


Complete the Amelia Earhart and Robert Fulton worksheet.

You will be writing 2 important facts and giving 3 describing words for each historical figure.

Amelia Earhart and Robert Fulton worksheet will be due by May 1st.

EXTRA****There are additional biography videos on BrainPop Jr. that you can access with your free account. I recommend watching the George Washington Carver, Alexander Graham Bell, and Lewis and Clark. These historical figures definitely exhibited individualism and inventiveness!

So...What is Due?

These are the items that need to submitted to your teacher by May 1st!

  • Math- 4 daily math reviews and Addition/Subtraction Assignment page

  • Reading-Inference Cards #1-3
  • Writing -Final published personal narrative!
  • Word Study-Eight Sentences
  • Science-Pages 1, 3, 4, and 5
  • Social Studies-Amelia Earhart and Robert Fulton worksheet

Anything extra that you do, you can hold on to in a folder and return it to your teacher when we return. She will love to see all the EXTRA activities you do!

Extension Activity Ideas

Math-If you were to teach someone how to solve a one‐step or multistep word problem, what strategy would you choose? Justify your reason for using this strategy. Explain how you would solve the problem.

Reading-What idea from this story can be seen in other subject areas such as math, science or social studies? Explain your reasoning.

Science-Create a 4-frame comic strip using a bald eagle as the main character. Include examples of the bald eagle’s physical characteristics and the behaviors and how they help it meet its basic needs.

Social Studies-Research one of the following people: Amelia Earhart, W. E. B. DuBois, Robert Fulton, George Washington Carver. Create an acrostic poem using that person’s name detailing his/her individualism, inventiveness, and accomplishments.


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