Go Gaga Ball

By Chicago Tribune , adapted by Newsela staff

Gaga info

A gaga pit is any large, flat surface surrounded by a short wall. The shape of the pit can be either hexagonal or octagonal. There is no limit for players. All of the players start of with one hand touching the wall.The ball is then dropped in the center, and players slap the ball underhand and try to hit the other players below the knee to get them out. The last player left in the pit wins.Gaga ball is kind of the same like dodge ball but the rules are a bit more complicated.

Vocabulary and quotes

"I had to get people in the pit and teach them," he says.This quote is important because he had to teach them how to play the game.

"It’s pretty cool when you see middle schoolers and high schoolers coming over to play together after school,” Cortesi says.This is an important quote as well because he is explaining how they have fun playing this game.


  • Gaga
  • hexagonal

  • dodgeball

  • competitive