Hugo Chavez- Venezuelas Dictator

By Cassie Berger

About Chavez

Hugo Chavez was born in Sabaneta, Venezuela on July 28, 1954. He was big military man who attended a military academy, then later became an army officer. He also was notorious for fighting against the current government at the time. In 1992, he was sentenced to 2 years jail time. Six years after being released from prison, Chavez claimed his title as Venezuelan president, creating a new Constitution for the country and taking total control of oil and oil trade in Venezuela.

Campaigning for Chavez

These are banners that were seen hanging up between apartment complexes. As you can see, it shows Chavez (middle) surrounded by happy Venezuelan people. On the left side it shows the older generation of the country, and on the right, the younger, future generation. It shows that under Chavez's ruling, everyone will be happy and benefit from him. Generations to come will have a solid foundation to live in their country and the older generation will be happy with the changes made, and the way that are maintained.

What Side is Chavez On? For the Rich or Poor?

Some may argue that he does anything to help out the lower classes of Venezuela, but other see him becoming more and more on the side of the aristocrats of the country. In one speech he made in front of the whole countries, he accused the big wigs of the oil industry to be lazy and do nothing for their money. In his exact words, he said the executive live in "luxury chalets, where they perform orgies, drinking whiskey" (Chavez). After hearing that statement, you would think that Chavez would be in support of the people who actually work for their money, but get paid next to nothing. But looking at the facts of the country right now, the millions of dollars we make from the oil that is sold and exported still goes towards the rich who run the business. Venezuela is covered in poverty, and so far, Chavez has done nothing to make it better, despite what he says.

Reporter Julio Ramirez

The Venezuelan Bulletin

April 18, 2002