Electronic Medical Records

Is EMS A Positive Thing?

EMS is a positive system to use. It is more efficient, safer, and can keep track of more information over time. The system can track patients' vaccination records, as well as their screening and check up visits. Some people are worried about the safety of the information, but information is not easily shared with providers who aren’t in the system. Most of the time, the information has to be printed out and mailed to be sent.

Pros of the EMS system

EMS increases the accessibility and sharing of health records among authorized individuals. It doesn't travel outside of the practice easily, and certain policies have been created to assure that." A policy is influenced by: 1. The functional requirements of an information system (what users need to accomplish from the system) 2. The security requirements for the system (items that need to be protected) 3. A threat model (the expected motives and resources of potential perpetrators)."