Baron Weekly, December 7th, 2015

School Motto "Setting the Standard for Excellence"

Sports Kudos!

Athlete Avenue from AD Murphy:

Just when you thought we had an outstanding finish to the Fall sports season, it's not over yet! Our football team cruised to a San Diego CIF championship and for a reward, they get to play in the state championship semi-finals on our home turf. If they win this game, they get to play in the State Championship game for bragging rights in all of California! Come out and support or Baron football team this Friday night. Game time is 7:30 at SWC.

Our Winter sports are now in full gear. Over 320 student athletes tried out who now make-up our various teams. Please congratulate these players who sit in your classrooms. The Winter teams are boys' and girls' basketball; boys' and girls' soccer; roller hockey; wrestling and girls' water polo. Come out and support them! You will be amazed over what they accomplish outside of the classroom.

It's great to be a Baron Student Athlete!

-The Murph

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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Master Schedule: Please know that as we enter Semester II of the 15-16 school year, please be prepared for some minor master schedule adjustments. The only changes I anticipate as of today are the collapsing of a couple of classes due to low numbers which means possibly new faces in your classrooms in January!
  • Next week will find us administering finals and EOCs!
  • Please ensure your grades are submitted to Melissa Torres by Friday, December 18th by 10:00 AM.

Getting to the Core of College and Career Readiness

According to the National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST) there are Four Pillars observed at higher performing high schools. Pillar #2 is "Challenging, rigorous curricula that ensure all students have the opportunity to learn content taught in schools that serve affluent communities."

Counselor Corner

1. FAFSA Fridays will commence January 29th and continue until March 2nd. Counselors will be in the computer lab during lunch on Fridays to help students complete their financial aid applications.

2. Financial Aid Night for the district will be held on January 27th at Eastlake High School, Ruth Chapman Center at 6 PM. Please encourage your seniors and parents to attend.

Nurse's Nook

Frequently Asked Question #4: What is the best way to call for help if there is a medical emergency during class time?

There are several ways to get a hold of the nurse in the event of an emergency, such as sending a student to get the nurse or calling the nurse directly at ext. 72035. However, the recommendation is to call the front office. By calling the front office, they can page or help localize the nurse in the event that she is out of her office. The front office can also coordinate additional help by sending an Assistant Principal and/or Campus Assistant to assist you.

Protocol for calling in a medical emergency

Remember to stay calm

Call the front office ext:72000

  • State your name and classroom
  • Give brief description of the emergency
  • If possible give the name (s) of the student (s) involved

If necessary, you can announce a "Clear Room" and have the uninvolved students wait in the cafeteria.

Other Announcements:

Dear Staff,

You have all been invited to our annual Holiday Staff Luncheon, next Thursday, 12:45 in the cafeteria.

Happy Holidays and may all your holiday dreams come true.


BVH, home of the Mighty Barons!

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