The ismart suitcase

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Introduction to our suitcase

The Suitcase is a friendly and helpful product. It is a suitcase like no other. It will change the world forever.The suitcase will be lightweight made of the strongest and lightest fabric in the world,Cuben Fiber fabric.The Cuben Fiber fabric is also water proof which helps with water spills.It will have more space than regular suitcases and has a space for valuables.The suitcase also has a cushion linging the inside of it.The ismart suitcase is 1.time efficient 2.modern and 3.easy to use. You can also get your suitcase in different colors now with ourthe ismart suitcase.The colors for our suitcase are gray, navy blue, black, green, pink or purple.

What it includes

Our suitcase has many great things that make it better, such as

  • A cushion inside the suitcase
  • It is made out of foldable material
  • A pocket where you can and put headphones in
  • A space for valuables
  • Wheels and a handle that are retractable
  • Different colors for the suitcase
  • It is made out of the strongest and lightest fabric,Cuben Fiber fabric
  • 3 pockets on the front stacked on top of each other on the suitcase to fit more items in.
  • Symmetrical Pockets On Both Sides
  • A pocket in the suitcase to fit your laptop


The dimensions for our suitcase are

Height : 32 inches

Length : 20.5inches

Width : 21 inches

Volume : 13,776 inches cubed

The scale for our suitcase is 2 inches:1 inch, so the scale dimensions for the suitcase is half of the actual dimensions.The scale dimensions are 16in tall x 10.5in long x 10.25in wide.


The price of the ismart suitcase is a reasonable price of $107. .We got this price by adding up all the materials we used to make the suitcase and making that our price. These are the prices of the materials we added up,


Our suitcase will forever change the suitcase industry. With our new suitcase many people will be better at traveling around places then suffering the wieght of your old suitcase or the rips and more. ismart products will continue making new and improved suitcases for our world with one step at a time. Our suitcases will be the future of travel forever!

The end and Thank You!