Main Ideas seen in the Romantic art.

  • Romantic artists emphasized lives with deep feelings, spirituality, and free expression.
  • They believed human beings had infinite powers and god-like potential.
  • They wanted to get an emotional response from the people that viewed their artwork.
  • Some of the pictures showed country like scenes.
  • The artists were fascinated by their passion, moods, and their heroes.

Artists of the Romantic time period

  • Jacques Louis David: Bonaparte Crossing the Alps is one of his paintings.
  • Casper David Friedrich: Morning in the Riesengebrige
  • Joseph Mallord William Turner: Grand Canal
  • VeniceJohn Constable: The Leaping Horse

Some Works of Art


  • Occurred late 18th early 19th century.
  • The French Revolution was taking place during the early part of the Romanticism time period.
  • Roots began around France and England.
  • Romanticism in the arts was a revolt against organized religion.
  • Romanticism spread across most of Europe then to the United States.
  • Romanticism has nothing to do with romance… means believing in the rights of individuals and expressing deep emotions..