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#WPIFITFAM September 24, 2014 Edition 1

Fitness Club

Promoting healthy lifestyles through motivation, non-credit fitness classes, special events, and of course, the #WPIFITFAM


In case you missed our General Body Meeting on September 16th, here's an overview of Important Action Items:

Anti-Hazing Form

PLEASE, if you haven't signed our anti-hazing form, contact Secretary, Cody Slater, ASAP. This is due October 1st!

Liability Form

Fill this out as well! Here is the procedure:

  1. Join Fitness Club & Club Sports on Techsync
  2. Go to "Club Sports" page
  3. Click on "Forms"
  4. Choose the form "2014-2015 Club Sports and Recreation Release from Liability" ( you don't need to be accepted to do this)
  5. Fill it out. When it asks for the club email use

Bye-Bye INSANITY. Hello Informal Lift!

I know we tentatively scheduled INSANITY for Friday, September 26th; however, we were not able to find a room to host this event. Very sad, I know!

Instead, there will be an informal Fitness Club meet-up in the Rec Center Lobby by the rolling bulletin board on Friday, September 26th at 8:30am and 4:30pm. Yep, we're having 2 informal lifts that day to accommodate everyone's schedule :)

Feel free to bring a friend or meet at that location to find a workout buddy. Again this is informal, so once you find someone to workout with, go enjoy your lift!


So we've been pretty busy behind-the-scenes on the Fitness Club officer board. Why, you may ask? Because we're planning some AWESOME events for B-term!!!

We are currently proposing Yoga, Zumba, and Personal Training for B-term. As soon as we advance in the process, we will inform you all (and of course give you first pick for signups)!

Also, we will be releasing our Informal Workout Schedule and INSANITY Schedule the first week of B-term.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: "Engineer Your Lifestyle"

Senior Editor of SpotMeGirl online Fitness Magazine and Figure Competitor, Sarah Hipps, is tentatively scheduled to give a motivational presentation on November 13th, 5pm. More details to come!!



Do You Even Lift?