Mrs. Britton- English 9

What's Up in 132

Benchmark Test

Students are taking their benchmark test today. I wanted you to be aware of the purpose of this test, and what this will look like in the grade book. Students take 2 to 3 benchmarks per semester (depending on the course...English gives 2). The test questions are aligned with the ACT Quality Core and College and Career Readiness standards and allow us to analyze our students' progress over the course of the semester, as well have an idea of what to expect from them on the End Of Course Test and the ACT that they will take in 11th grade. When you look in iNow you will see a daily grade for a "benchmark raw"- this is the actual score your child made on the test. You will also see a test grade "Benchmark 1" This is the "scaled score" based on a school wide scoring system. We have determined that if a child scores a 56 or higher, that they are proficient (on a ninth grade level) and will receive a 100 for the test grade. Please know that this means that they are on track to score an 18 on the ACT. The higher the percentage on the raw score, the better your child is projected to do. Please let me know if you have any questions!