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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East. The climate is a harsh dry dessert with great temperature extremes. Some resources are petroleum, gold, and copper. It imports machinery and exports petroleum. They celebrate the Islamic New Year also know as Muharram. The country was discovered in 1932. Those are some facts about Saudi Arabia.

Things To Know For The Middle ESt

Term: Erg

A term that relates to Saudi Arabia is an erg. An erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. It relates by all the sandy areas is Saudi Arabia. An erg is most likely to be found in a desert.

Term: Silt

Another term would be silt. Silt is small particles of rich soil. You mostly will find silt in rivers and bodies of water. Why perplexed like it when rivers flood is so that the silt will help make the soil fertile.

Aswan Dam

In the Middle East is the Aswan Dam. Some positives that come from the dam is that it provides hyrdoelectric power, and gives people control over flood water. Some problems it has is blocks the flow of silt and prevents less fresh water from reaching the delta.

Libya's Spending

Libya's oil provides a bunch of money for the country. First it imports food so the people can eat. Second it helps build schools and hospitals for the communities. Lastly it helps maintain a strong military to keep everyone safe.

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world! It is just about the size of the U.S.A. Sahara comes from Arabic word meaning "desert." Sahara is a big part of the Middle East.