Updated: Important! December News

For Divinity School Families

Lunch Postponed

I'm so sorry to invite you to a lunch and then cancel it! Fortunately, nobody had RSVPed, but in case you'd intended to do so and hadn't gotten around to it, I wanted to be sure to get the word out.

We will reschedule for January, which is probably better for most of you anyway!
Susan Olson

A student-parent guide to upcoming YDS sponsored Christmas Events

Come trim a tree!--Kids especially invited!

The tree-trimming party, a YDS tradition (that unfortunately didn't happen last year, but we're bringing it back!) will be this Friday, December 4 from 4-6 p.m. This is family friendly and kids are especially invited. Santa might make an appearance (if we can locate his suit!), and there will be fun things for little ones (and big ones, and Div students) to do. We are also especially requesting faculty and staff families to attend. More details will come out via CLC, who are the sponsors of the event. (Note, parking is free at YDS after 3).

Advent Worship Service--Kids welcome!

The advent worship service, another strong YDS tradition, will be held on Wednesday, December 9 at 7 p.m. in Marquand Chapel. This service is still in the process of being planned, but I have been assured that children are more than welcome and that the chapel team will have something prepared for them. It may be a participatory part, it may be some activity sheets or a craft. They are working on the details and want to reiterate that children are more than welcome and encouraged to attend, if it makes sense for your family.

Advent Party--Adult oriented.

The advent party follows the advent service, on Wednesday, December 9, beginning at about 8:30 p.m.. This is really an adult-oriented party. Alcohol will be served and there will be dancing. Due to the late hour, and the Friday tree trimming party which is kid-focused, there aren't any children's activities planned. Obviously, children are always welcome, but if you bring your children, do bring along entertainment for them.