By:Jelitza Hernandez

All about the savannah

There are not many plants in the savannahs because when the heavy rain season happen all the valuable nutrients are washed away. Other savannahs don’t get as much rain so there grasses grow in short clumps and trees are sparse.The trees shed their leaves to conserve moisture and energy. When fire sweeps across the savannah, the deep roots of the grasses are protected. This allows the plants to grow back after the fire has past. Some plants on the savannah have thorns and sharp leaves to protect them from animals.

I am going to tell you about 3 plants in the savannah. The first plant I will talk about is the grass. The grass are the dominate plant life of the savannah. They can grow as tall as 6 to 8 feet and they are green. A wide vierity grasses grow in the savannah. The next plant I will be talking about is the baobab tree , it is a little bit short but has many leaves. It adapts by only producing leaves in the wet season. The size of the leaves helps limit water loss. Another adaption is that throughout the months it stores water in its trunk. The third plant I will be talking about is the acacia tree , it’s a very long tree with not as much leaves. It developed very useful behavioral adaptations to disguise itself from animals and keep them from eating its leaves. The tree has sharp thorns. When a animal bits it gets a mouth full of angry ants because ants live in the thorns. The ants defend their homes and the acacia tree as well.

The savannah of eastern Africa has more animals than any other grassland biome. This environment has a wide variety of animal life. The animals adapt to the environment conditions of the biome. Like big herds of antelope ,zebras ,and wildebeests migrate distances to find new sources of grass and water. The predators like lions, hyenas ,and cheetah follow the herbs to find its prey.

I am going to tell you abut 4 animals in the savannah. The first one is the lion. The lion is a carnivore. It has yellow fur and sharp teeth to catch its prey. In the savannah the lion have camoflash because the floor is yellow and so is its fur. The second animal I will tell you about is the hyena. It has black and gray fur and it is a carnivore like the lion. The hyena does not have comoflash but it does have sharp teeth and it finds his own way to catch its prey. The next animal in the savannah I will be telling you about is the giraffe. The giraffe has a very long neck to eat leaves of a tree. It is a herbivore and yellow with white spots on it. .The giraffe are not always aware of the predators so they get eaten very fast. Last but not least I am going to tell you about the warthog. The warthog is a herbivore and it’s a gray color. They don't run as fast so the predator catches it very fast. It is all the 4 animals i said i was going to tell you about.

The climate in the savannah climate can be very hot especially during the dry season. From June to September there is no rain because these months are the hot season. Now the most inches of rain savannah has had is 10 inches. The most hot it has ever been in the savannah is between 70 and 90F From January to May it rains and also from October to December it rains.

The savannah extends through Botswans, Namibia, Kenya, Southern Brazil, India and Australia. Savannahs only exist in places were there’s 6 to 8 months of wet summer season and dry winter season. Some people built the savannah by burning the grasslands and planting things.

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