Athens: The best choice for you

Your life here is better than your'e life in sparta

Dont get stuck in war!

Are you tired of constant war? Tired of constant military training? Tired of being trained to STEAL? Come here! We are the largest city- state in Greece! From snowy mountains to fertile deltas we are the best choice for you. We are beautifully decorated with arts, public buildings, shops and public baths.
The Story of Ancient Athens
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We assure your safety.

In Sparta your life is constantly put in danger. Why risk the most important thing, your well being and health. Here, we value your life as much as you do! Athena, our God, protects us and our lives. You will be much more comfortable and safe here. Every day in Sparta you train and go to war. Why would you want to fight daily, when you can relax and be peaceful here? And along with Athena's protection, we also have the strongest navy as our defense.
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Athena statue in Parthenon ^^^^

Music and drama.

In Athens, music is part of our every day lives. The Odeinon or "roofed concert hall" was a main site to our musical culture. This building stood on the acropolis. Two major festivals called Magala Panathinea and Megala Dionysia constructed our overall culture. In these 2 festivals there was music competitions, lyric poetry and many forms of drama. Here music is much more emphasized than in Sparta. We are the central location of art and drama. Our multitude of theaters show we are passionate about drama. We even invented comedy!
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Some of our activities

Even in the boiling hot heat we box and wrestle. Fun, right? So why would you stay in Sparta to train to be a soldier when you can compete in sports? Athens also has a yearly festivals for athletics, drama and religious occasions. Athens is the most beautiful city and our buildings are a work of art themselves. Just one look at our most famous building, the Parthenon, and you will see our creative architecture.
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Famous sites

First, the acropolis is an awesome site to see. The Parthenon stands on top which is something you cant miss.On the inside of the Parthenon there is a beautiful statue of Athena. The acropolis is our main attraction. Check out the theater of Herodes Atticus, a monument that shows performances of theater, music and dance. Check out the Agora, a must see for sure. Lastly, look at the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos.


We are also know for our art. Athens and Spartan homes are very similar in size, though here you can have your home beautifly decorated with artwork, unlike in Sparta when your rooms are dark and boring. The richer homes in Athens even had a inner courtyard.

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Here in Athens we have a democracy. Democracy means "ruled by the people". Here in Athens you will have more power than you will in Sparta and everyone will have a say in the laws. We were the first to develop a democracy. Our democracy is also highly developed. On the other hand, Sparta was ruled by 2 kings with limited power by a group of 28 elders.
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Here in Athens we get around by walking as well as other systems too, such as chariots. We also get travel to long distances by riding on boats. In Sparta you are controlled by military and you never get to enjoy freedom around the city. You are always being forced to do what you military officials want you to do.
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Athens enjoy luxury foods that are eatin all over the empire. The Spartans however dislike luxury foods and eat pork blood and other bad things. We import our wheat from other countries. Athens is a much better choice for your food.
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ancient athens way of life

We go to academys, and box and wrestle all day. You will not do to much work because about 50% of us are slaves. But, if you have money your not a slave. Instead of training for military all day here you can live your life to its fullest. We have many reliogios and other reasoned festivals. Men would be able to vote and women stay home. In Sparta, you just train ALL DAY. In Sparta people leave their families at 7 to go train for the military. Here, you may have to train at ages 18 to 20! Boys in Sparta are trained to steal. Your life here in Athens is a lot better than in Sparta.
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In Sparta, you go through constant military training with small amounts of literature. Our purpose of education was to produce good citizens. The Sparta educations purpose is to train for military soldier. Here in Athens, boys are taught at home up to six, the they go to school in which they are trained to read and write, they learn a musical instrument, and learn the poems of which Homer wrote, they studied math and social studies, they are taught many necessary things. In Sparta, the main goal of education is to build a strong military. They are putting kids' lives in risk just so they can have a great military. All they care about is military! When our boys are going to learn, their boys go to train for the military, at the same time! This makes education a lot better here.
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