Snow Leopard

Endangered Animals of the Middle East


The snow leopard weight varies between 60-120 lb, and the length of their base to tail is around 75-135 cm. The Snow Leopard long, thick fur, that's usually smoky gray to yellowish tan.


Some of the many adaptations of the Snow Leopard is that how it has long thick fur, has small rounded ears, have a long flexible tail that help them keep their balance, and wide paws to help them walk better on snow.


The snow leopard lives in the middle east mountains. It lives in many places such as the Tian Shan, Kun Lun, Pamir, Hindu Kush, Karakorum and Himalayan ranges.

Food Chain

The snow leopard is a carnivore. The diet of the Snow Leopard varies between the time of year it is and the range it's in. Some of the many preys of the Snow Leopard is wild sheep (such as Bharal, the blue sheep), wild boar, gazelles, hares, markhor,bobak, tahr, marmots, mice and deer.
Rare footage of snow leopard in China

Conservation Information

The Snow Leopard is currently endangered.The reason they are endangered is because

the bones, skin and organs of large cats are valuable in traditional Asian medicine, humans destroy the Snow Leopards habitat which leads to the Snow Leopard starving. The Snow Leopard is currently protected in Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. The people who poach the Snow Leopard's fur, organs, etc. are criminals that are so evil that they would kill such a beautiful creature for money.

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