Spanish Class!

Ms. Memoe's Spanish Class

What are we are we working on now?

Happy Holidays!
The Spanish students are working on the following topics right now:

The 8th grade Spanish students
have been learning about sports, and are working on a favorite sports project. In addition, they have begun participating in a monthly journal write called "Cafe Ole."

Beginning Spanish students are continuing to work on their Adopt a Country projects. They are currently working on a "Culture Capsule" that highlights there country. In addition, recently the students participated in an interactive, experiential workshop with Planting Hope ( Planting Hope is an organization started in Vermont that focuses on creating educational opportunities in rural Nicaragua. We were fortune to have four Planting Hope musicians and teachers come work with our students.

World Language Open House

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 7:15-8am

Central School Dr

Williston, VT

Please join us for the World Language Open House! Come meet your child's teacher and see some of his/her work on display.