by Catelyn Sandars

Health reasons

Smoking can cause very bad sicknesses due to how much you smoke. It can cause lung cancer, heart cancer and even throat cancer. The cancers don't just happen in the inside of the body you can also get cancer on the outsides of the body like skin cancer, mouth cancer and even nose cancer which kind of agrees to skin cancer. It can also cause heart attacks and strokes.
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Environment reasons

Smoking is very dangerous to our environment because it can cause pollution and litter and different types of critical disruction to our world. It can cause air pollution and also can litter our waters and roads by not putting the cigarettes in the bin or not putting them out.

Short terms

Smelly hair

More coughs and colds

Stained fingers

Increased heart rate

Blood pressure

Long terms

Heart attacks


Lung cancer

Heart cancer

Mouth and throat cancer

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