Marthasville Family Newsletter

May 2022

Greetings Magnificent Marthasville Families!

This is it...we are down to the home stretch! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your kids grow and shine this year. They have made so many gains and it is so fun to watch them meet and beat their academic goals. To celebrate so many accomplishments, we have many fun events planned. Please refer to the important dates calendar below!

Medication in the Nurse's Office

In the next couple weeks, anyone with medication in the Nurse's office will need to make arrangements to pick it up. Medication will not be sent home with a student. All medication needs to be picked up before the last day of school. Please call Nurse Annie if you have questions.

Teacher Appreciation Week

We celebrate our teachers and staff this week for their dedication and hard work to our little Blue Jays! Please consider sending your child's teacher(s) a kind message sometime this week!

Dismissal Calls

Please call the office by 2:00 with any changes that are made to afternoon dismissal plans.

Book Fair

May 9-13 is a huge BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 FREE) sale with our Book Fair! Information will be sent home with your child about book fair visits.

Book Return

Check with your learners to see if they have returned their library books. Mrs. Bartel and Mrs. Rowe will send home notices if your child is missing any books.

Class Supply Lists

Class supply lists will be posted by the end of May on our webpage, FB page, and through email.

2022-2023 Enrollment and Teacher Assignments

If your child will not be returning to Marthasville in August, please call the office and let Cheryl know, along with a reason (moving, homeschooling, etc). Official class lists are not sent out until August, but we need a rough draft before leaving for summer vacation. If you know of any families who have either not enrolled their child(ren) yet, or are moving to our area for next school year, have them reach out to our office as well. Thank you!


All students will receive a yearbook the last week of school!

6th grade "Lock In"

All 6th grade students are invited to enjoy some games, food, karoke, kickball and more on Friday, 5/20, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Once your child comes to the lock in, they won't be allowed to leave until it is over. Our 6th grade Advisory Leadership Team is planning some fun activities! We will provide food, snacks, and drinks! There will be a Hat/Wig Day for 6th graders only on 5/16 for $1 to buy Pizza for the night of the lock in. Flyers come home Tuesday, 5/3.

Kindergarten Celebration

Doors open at 12:30 for the 1:00 program. Please come to the main entrance to sign in. Someone will escort you to the gym.

As always, if you ever have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out! You can call me, email, or message on our Facebook page. I am here to serve and lead with love and care.

Have an awesome MAY everyone!

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Daffron

#MarthasvilleROCKS #SDOW #BlueJayPride

Important Dates

5/2-5/6 Teacher Appreciation

5/9 Washington Middle School Principals visit our 6th graders

5/11 Orchestra teachers visit our 4th graders

5/12 Senior Breakfast/Walk 7:30-8:30

5/13 6th grade Track and Field Day 8:30-2:30; Kindergarten Celebration 1:00

5/16 Glow Day in PE 6C

5/17 Glow Day in PE 6S, 5E, 4S, 3M, 4M

5/18 Glow Day in PE 2P, 1W, KG, 1B, KM

5/19 6th grade hosts Career Day for K-5

5/20 6th grade "Lock In" 6:00-9:00 p.m.

5/23 Field Day and Tug of War K-6

5/24 Rain Date for Field Day

5/25 6S Wax Museum

5/26 Modified Day dismissal 11:50

5/27 6th grade Celebration; Modified Day dismissal 11:50; LAST DAY!


Marthasville PTG Agenda

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:07pm

  2. Approval of 4/26/22 agenda

    1. 1st- Elizabeth Voss

    2. 2nd- Lea Welter

  3. Approval of 3-29-22 Meeting Minutes

    1. 1st- Elizabeth Voss

    2. 2nd- Lea Welter

  4. Approval of Financial Report- reported by Elizabeth Voss

    1. 1st- Lea Welter

    2. 2nd- Mrs. Bayless

  5. Fundraisers

    1. FunDrive Clothing Collection is Apr 25 thru May 16th. Community collection date is May 15th from 2 to 4pm. Last years profit was $800

    2. Trivia Night was April 23rd. Profit was $4108.06. Lots of compliments on the event. Mrs Bayless heard some feedback that there was too much time between rounds and the possibility of a water station next time.

  6. Dine To Donate

    1. Moes was March 31st. We profited $350

  7. Open Forum

    1. USAgain Clothing Recycling

      1. The representative has been contacted about starting the collection in June 2022 and trying it for a year. Collection bin would be placed in the lower parking lot near tree line.

    2. Teacher Appreciation Week

      1. May 2nd thru the 6th

      2. Sign up Genius was posted online and shared. We have had a lot of people sign up to donate.

      3. Mon- Taco Bar, Tues-Dip Day, Wed- Dessert Day, Thurs- Breakfast, Fri- Grab and Go.

    3. Spring Fling

      1. Budget for Spring Fling is $500 Date is May 23rd, back up date May 24th.

      2. Teachers had requested snow cones and an inflatable obstacle course but the snow cone company was unavailable and the cost of the inflatable was over $750. PTG will be providing ice cream snacks (ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc) for Spring Fling. We will be using a donated bounce house from Lisa Minard. Lea will set up delivery and pick up with them.

    4. PTG Checking Account

      1. Due to the time that was involved in trivia night, Lea and Elizabeth haven't had time to make it to the bank. This will be done soon.

    5. Mrs. Bartell- Library Request

      1. Mrs. Bartell will be running the May 9th thru 13th bookfair. This is a buy one get one free book fair. She is requesting PTG to buy Dum Dum Suckers and Blow pops for the bookfair. She also needs $200 in change.

        1. 1st- Lea Welter

        2. 2nd- Elizabeth Voss

    6. Mrs Bayless- Art Request

      1. Mrs Bayless has received the go ahead by Dig Rite to have the concrete pad poured and shed placed for a kiln. The kiln would serve the students at Marthasville Elementary and Augusta Elementary. Mrs. Bayless requested help with payment for the concrete pad and shed. She will work on bids for concrete pad 6 x8 foot.It was suggested to ask Brian Burns and Freedom Concrete. Freedom was who PTG used to have the outdoor classroom concrete poured and they did an amazing job. Shed is $600 at Lowes. Lea mentioned to see if Augusta Pto would be willing to help with the cost as well. Mrs Bayless is going to bring the request to them as well. The idea was also brought up by Mrs Daffron to do a fundraiser at school on Fridays of Summer School selling donuts, popcorn etc. The idea of setting up a Donors Choose account to raise funds was brought up also. They match donations by a certain percentage. Mrs Bayless is going to work on setting up the Donors Choose and work with Mrs Daffron on Fri fundraising during summer school.

    7. Craft Fair/Farmers Market

      1. There have been several requests and interest in hosting a parking lot sale. Cost would be $20 per parking spot. Vendors would set up their own tables and items to sell and keep their profit. PTG could sell water, wearables and car decals we have.

      2. The idea was brought up by Mrs Bayless about having food trucks and Lea mentioned snow cones. Date for the event is June 25th from 8am to noon at Marthasville Elementary Upper Parking Lot. Ptg would profit from the cost to rent a parking spot.

  8. Close of Meeting 6:48pm

  9. This is the last PTG meeting for the 2021/2022 school year. We will have the 2022/2023 year planning meeting July 20th at 6pm at Mavericks.

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Library News

Hello all!

We made $460.00 on the Read A Thon. Prize Winnner are listed below:

Popcorn and movie:Bentley

Lunch with a friend: Bentley and Brayden

Extra recess: Julia, Makenna , Bentley, Ava, Brayden, Elliot

Free Ice Cream- Ava

Treasure Chest- Abigaile, Bentley, Ava

Hat day- Abigaile, Ethan, Bentley, Ava, Brayden

Thanks for all the support! We look forward to doing this again next year!

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click on the link to access breakfast and lunch menus.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Please check your learner's grades often. If you are having trouble viewing (or finding) grades, call me and I will walk you through the process. Grades are posted weekly and you should be seeing graded assignments and assessments coming home. If you aren't, contact your learner's teacher.

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