Friday, April 17, 2015

Visual Bookmarking for Kids

Tizmos launched in 2007 as the first visual bookmarking site of its kind. Tizmos pioneered the process of capturing visual images of websites so members can access their bookmarks on any computer. Close to 2011, we discovered a growing community of teachers that used Tizmos with young students for its simplicity & friendlyness. From that point on, we decided to tailor for our teachers with education-specific features.


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Classroom Authors

ClassroomAuthors unique web-based tools to write, design and ultimately publish professionally printed books that integrate text and images. The web-based application is the most advanced online collaborative book publishing system available; it has been designed specifically for today's educational environment, allowing students to work together, collaborating from multiple computers.


We Follow

Use WeFollow to search for Twitter users by interest. You can locate experts (over 1.3 million) in any field by entering a search term like "biologist" or "Shakespeare." Enter your own expertise information to be part of the ongoing database of Twitter users and their interests!

Curate your Favorite News Sources

Browse through a huge catalog of magazines, click and save the ones that interest you. The site will create a folder of your picks, which you can read at your leisure. There is a large range of interests--sports, news, technology, food, shopping, entertainment, etc. Best of all


Math is Fun

The Math is Fun site has lots of mathematical material for grades K-12. One section of the site is lots and lots of math puzzles. Three are shown below. For more, link to the site.