First Ladies Financial Summit

Sample Agenda

Host, Her Excellency Kim Simplis Barrow, First Lady of Belize

Message from Mrs. Barrow.....Insert

Focus on First Ladies of Influence - Access To Capital, Resources and Partners

The First Ladies' Financial Summit is dedicated exclusively to the unique financial opportunities and partnerships associated with being a First Lady, President or Nobel Women Laureate and increasing our access to resources and capital.

The First Ladies' Financial Summit is interactive strategic planning, connecting and sharing. A combination of valuable formats will include panel discussions, speeches, workshops, and other events with the goal of targeted, actionable objectives to follow up the event in improving women and girls’ financial health in the countries represented and globally. The Summit is a unique opportunity to come together to:

  • Engaging First Ladies, Laureates of the Nobel Women's Initiative and business leaders in practically enhancing the common goals and objectives of improving the financial health of women and girls.
  • Providing a platform for public, private and nonprofit partners to join together in developing innovative, cross-sector solutions for women and girls lives together[ Identifying real-world, actionable steps to increase access to financial capital for women and girls locally and globally.
  • The ` Inaugural First Ladies Financial Summit' is designed to bring together the necessary fundamentals created by multi-stakeholder partnerships to help support ongoing development initiatives on the ground to bring about lasting and actionable social and economic change.

Special Guest Speaker - Cookie Johnson

Day 1- "Show Me The Money!"

Welcome Speakers: First Lady of Belize, First Lady of Belize and Sponsors (Gael Sylvia Pullen and Joy DiBenedetto)

  • Welcome Reception - Introductions
  • Overview - Intergenerational gathering associated with access to capital for First Ladies

Special Guest Speaker: Mrs. Cookie Johnson

  • Who's Here?
  • Gender Financing and Why
  • Banking/Financial Partnerships
  • Global Philanthropist
  • Media Strategist
  • Technology Strategist
  • Health Experts and How Technology Increases Financial Revenue Streams
  • Unique fun dinner location and experience each night

Day 2 - Make The Connection


  • Facilitated Visioning and Action Steps
  • Hack-a-thon
  • Role playing
  • Multi-stakeholder participation via teams
  • Presentation of Outcomes
    • Consider an award for the Top 5 best outcomes, voted on by the room

First Ladies and Access To Capital

  • The Technology Connection and Health Education-related Revenue SourcesSpeaker: A First Lady with a extremely successful banking and financial background

  • A First Ladies World Bank
    • Facilitates Access to International $$$
    • Teaches the First Ladies
    • Educates them about global women's funds and money (resources, management, leveraging, etc.)
  • Funding with Funders
  • Programs that work - Access to Funders
  • PNG, Government, Inter government funds, corporations, Personal and Private funding resources
  • WMM
  • UN Foundation
  • Synergos
  • Grameen Bank
  • The money associated with philanthropy and what it means for local economies
  • Micro-lending

Day 3 - Media Strategies - Owning the Narrative

  • Communication Strategy
  • Recap
  • Next Steps - New York City
  • Address the issue of staying connected and communicating
  • Long Term commitment to their country
  • Sponsors
  • What are your dreams now?
  • Ability to accomplish them

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