Library Tech Tips & Standards

A library is a gift that keeps on giving! For LIFE!

It's Christmas at Arab High School!


Santa Tracker

Practice using the spacebar and direction keys

Present dropper game

Boatload game

Information Specialist

"Information and technology are crucial elements of the media specialist’s job. Being able to support the school’s resources, create engaging learning tasks, and connect the school community with helpful resources, information, and services around the clock is essential for the school to be successful. The school media specialist also needs to introduce and model new technologies and strategies for finding, assessing, and using information. However the media specialist must also be the spokesman for the ethical use of the found information whether it’s pictures, music, or a piece of writing. The idea of using information in an educational setting ethically can be a confusing task, and the media specialist will need to act as a leader helping both teachers and students act professionally in this matter." AASL

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