Christmas Break Is Almost Here!


Seriously? How time flies!

Here are some ideas for your classroom to get you to Christmas break and beyond! :)

As always, any questions, let me know.

Here are just some things that will benefit all your students, not just my 'buddies' :) SOME Of these things, you already do in your classroom! :)

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Minions For Christmas!!!
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Lazy or 'Learned Helplessness' ?

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Learned helpless behaviors

  • apathy
  • sabotage positive outcomes
  • give up before they have started
  • refuse to follow directions
  • engage in passivity rather than activity
  • adhere to limits that they have set upon themselves
  • believe that things will happen regardless of their input
  • enjoy humor that is hostile
  • argumentative
  • avoid learning activities
  • feign illnesses
  • engage in “class clown” type behaviors
  • express a “Why try?" mentality

TURN Learned Helplessness into Learned helpfulness! :)

What educators can do to replace with learned helpfulness

  • engaging students in community service
  • giving students activist roles
  • encouraging active hobbies
  • implementing physical activity
  • practicing personal skills
  • encouraging students to begin making contributions to family
  • redirecting negative states in class
  • enhancing positive states in class
  • giving students choices
  • providing plenty of opportunities to increase self-worth
  • utilizing confidence-building activities
  • thanking students for something they've done
  • helping students increase feelings of inclusion and ownership
  • giving specific positive praise and encouragement
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REMEMBER: REVIEW THOSE IEPs, ERS Plans, and 504s! ! !

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