Best Homeland-Constantinople

The new and improved

Why Should You Move to Constantinople?

-We have beautiful Orthodox Churches

-We have easy to defend land

-Trading is easy

-We've been the richest and most elegant city for 700 years

-We have lots of luxury items

-We are advanced in technology

-We have a kind emporor


We have a kind emperor. He genorously gives bread to people who cannot find work. In return the people must simply sweep the streets or weed a public garden.

Life on a Peninsula

Because we live on a piece of land with water on 3 sides, trading and fighting is easy for us. Our land would be easy to defend because if enemies were to attack ou, they would most likely come by boat. Trading is easy because boat is the easiest way to transport things is by boat.

Orthodox Churches

Our churches are beautiful. Our orthodox church has beautiful frescos and other art.


We are very advanced in technology. We made a chain so that no one, uninvited, could enter our harbor. We use watchtowers and gates. We also used a sewer system.

We have just rebuilt our town, and we would love for you to come join us in it.