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Richlands Primary School May 2-6, 2016

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Staff Appreciation Week

We will be celebrating all of our staff members next week! Officially, it is teacher, teacher assistant and child nutrition appreciation week, but we will be celebrating everyone!

Mrs. Agrue and I appreciate each and every one of you! We could not be successful at our jobs without you and your support!


Joines and Agrue

Prepare To Thank A Teacher: May 2 -6 Is Teacher Appreciation Week

Dr. June Atkinson | EdNC

Ask any adult to think back to their youth and remember who made a difference in their lives. Chances are strong that many people will list a teacher among their most influential adults. I still recall important teachers in my own life. My first grade teacher, Ms. Iva Forgie, and my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Maria Anderson, made a huge difference for me.

Across North Carolina, nearly 100,000 public school and public charter school teachers work with students from kindergarten through high school. These individuals have taken many steps to be qualified to be public school teachers. They have completed a bachelor's degree, and nearly one-third of them have earned master's degrees or higher. On top of their academic credentials, teachers pass specific professional standardized tests in order to qualify to receive a teaching license in North Carolina. Once in the classroom, teachers are evaluated regularly and have access to professional development to keep improving their practice in the classroom. Today's successful teachers are knowledgeable, nimble, and always considering new approaches to meet student learning needs.

North Carolina recruits approximately 14,000 new teachers every year to keep our classrooms and schools fully staffed.

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Grading Teacher Pay

At the start of his fourth term in 1997, North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt asked a Republican-controlled House and a Democratic-controlled Senate to raise the state's teacher pay to the national average in four years in an effort to attract and retain more teachers. By the time Hunt left office, North Carolina had risen in the national rankings and moved closer to the country's average teacher salary. During the 2001-02 school year, the state ranked 19th in the U.S. for average teacher pay, less than $2,000 from the then-national average of $44,655, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. But in the years since Hunt left the governor's mansion, the state's ranking has plummeted. In 2013-14, North Carolina hit its lowest rank in more than a decade – 47th in the nation, with teachers paid nearly $12,000 below the national average of $56,610.

The entire article is very insightful!

Click here to view the entire article.

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Retention Conferences

Please submit retention questionnaires to Mr. Joines as soon as possible after you have completed the EOY TRC.

Retention conferences will be scheduled ASAP in May.

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Mark Your Calendars!

May 2 - School Principal Day

May 2 - 6 Teacher and Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week

May 2 - 6 Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week

May 2 - 6 Free Dress-Down Week for TWC Survey Completion!

May 3 - National Teacher Day

May 4 - Staff Meeting 7:20 Multipurpose Room

May 5 - Interim Reports Go Home

May 5 - RHS Readers

May 10 - Chick-fil-A Spirit Night

May 11 - National School Nurse Day

May 12 - 2nd/3rd PLC 4:00 - 5:00 RES Media Center

May 13 - Teacher Assistant Appreciation Day

May 16-20 National Educational Boss Week

May 17 - CiCi's Pizza Night

May 19 - RHS Readers

May 23 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 24 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 25 - 2nd Grade Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 25 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 26 - 1st Grade Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 27 - Kindergarten Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 27 - 1st Grade Movie 9:00-11:00 Multipurpose Room

May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

May 31 - Baby Shower for Kelsey Metts 3:45 Media Center

June 8 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4 (location TBD)

June 9 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

June 10 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

Pending NC Bill Snatches $$$ From NC School Districts - House Bill 539

Please take a moment to watch the above video and see how pending legislation unfairly takes money from traditional public schools and gives it to charter schools. Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose House Bill 539.

Click on the link to view the video.

Governor's Budget Calls For Teacher Raises, School Personnel Bonuses

On Wednesday morning, State Budget Director Andrew Heath presented to the Joint Appropriations Committee Governor Pat McCrory's 2016 proposed spending plan. The Governor's budget calls for $22.3 billion in spending for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, a 2.8% increase. The budget calls for $543 million dollars in new K-12 spending, a 6.46% increase. Proposed spending increases are due in part to higher income tax collection netting a forecasted $237 million surplus.

Click here to view the entire article.

N.C. Case May Change Teacher Tenure In U.S.

The N.C. Supreme Court ruled this month on an important constitutional challenge that may shape the future of teacher tenure in the United States. While the national media have focused on a California case upholding teacher tenure there, advocates on each side should instead be focused on Raleigh. In California, a group of students alleged that teacher tenure allowed "grossly ineffective" teachers to become employed and maintain their employment in school systems. The students' complaint noted that these hires disproportionally affected pupils in minority and economically disadvantaged communities and violated their equal protection rights.

Click here to read the full article.

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CUBS Care!

Teacher and Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week May 2-6

Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week May 2-6

School Principal Day - May 2

National Teacher Day - May 3

National School Nurse Day - May 11

Teacher Assistant Appreciation Day - May 13

National Education Boss Week - May 16-20

Birthday Wishes to the following Staff Members!

May 1 - Karen Huffman

May 4 - Jane Baker

May 5 - Natalie Batchelor

May 9 - Judy Clemmons

May 9 - Sandra Jones

May 11 - Wilson Antoine

May 14 - Cordell Bush

May 14 - Alana Kolstad

May 20 - Kelsey Metts

May 27 - Giommar Sanchez

May 30 - Elisa Hewitt

Please keep Katie Riggs and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Her grandmother recently passed away.

eleot Scoreboard

The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (eleot) focuses on seven key learning environments that promote effective learning and student success:

  • equitable learning

  • high expectations

  • supportive learning

  • active learning

  • progress monitoring and feedback

  • well-managed learning

  • digital learning

The observer is focusing on student behaviors. Observations range from 10 - 15 minutes in length (20 min. maximum).

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