Wind Cave National Park

By: Anna Levstek

Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park is one of the most fascinating parks in the United States. This cave is very unique in many ways. For example, this cave is the 5th largest cave in the world. From fun facts to the history, the Wind Cave national park is quite interesting.

Location, Location, Location

Are you wondering where the Wind Cave is? The Wind Cave location is in western South Dakota. Researches came to realize that Hot Springs, South Dakota is about 10 miles away from Wind Cave. Wind Cave is inside Black Hills, a mountain range. So if you want to visit Wind Cave, it's in South Dakota.

History of Wind Cave

Ever wonder how this titanic park came to be? In the beginning, Jesse and Tom Bingham found Wind Cave on their farm. All of a sudden, they found a hole in the ground. American Indians told stories about a hole in Black Hills that blows wind. When Jesse and Tom discovered the hole in Black Hills, the hole really did blow wind. Therefore, they called it the Wind Cave. The year that they found the park was 1881. Although, the cave wasn't a national park until 1903. In conclusion, Wind Cave National Park was a place that was uniquely found.

Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park is one of the most fascinating parks in the United States. Wind Cave National Park is a place like no other. The Wind Cave started out only 3 miles long, but overtime the Wind Cave reached 140 miles! The park location is a beautiful sight to see. The Wind Cave National Park is an alluring place that you will never forget.

Fun Facts

Did you know all of these facts? The Wind Cave wasn't an ocean, but the cave was formed by water. According to, the temperature in the Wind Cave is 53 degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees Celsius. There is popcorn like material in the Wind Cave which makes this cave unique. There are many animals in or by Wind Cave. For example, rabbits, porcupines, and prairie dogs. In conclusion, Wind Cave is an alluring place with fascinating facts.
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Fun Activities

Are you wondering what you can do at Wind Cave? There are actually things inside Wind Cave. For example, there is a hotel in the cave that you can sleep in. Wind Cave's main attraction is the cave tours which are as high as $23 to get in the tour. There are 30 mile hiking trails. Are you up to the herculean task to do all 30 miles?