Monday Encouragement

April 20, 2015

25 School Days Left!

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The circus is here!

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I won't lie and say that this quote hasn't been part of my motivation to keep pushing through during testing last week! haha BUT we are doing an awesome job!! I'm so proud of our staff and students for knocking out week 1 of testing! Week two will be awesome!

And for some comic relief.. laughter therapy on this Monday..

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Charlie vs Swayze

MAP Testing

Monday, April 13th, 8:30am to Friday, May 1st, 3:30pm

Republic, MO, United States

Republic, MO

3rd Grade: April 13 & 20

4th Grade: April 15 & 22

5th Grade: April 14, 16, 17, 21, 23, 27, & 28