AVID's semi-complete mission

Jamie Rucker 1/9/2015 Period 2 7th grade


Well we did it. We completed half of our year in our grade level. With only about 4 and a half more months to go, we are almost done with school. This would be a good time to go back and reflect on what stratagies you used in your classes and how it helped you, especially AVID students. Have your cornell notes been paying off?

As an AVID student, I was required to do more than i had expected tobe done when i had first heard about it in the 6th grade. At day number one in AVID, i had thought that it would be fun and games with few work. AVID probably requires the most effort compared to my other classes. they all paid off in the end though.

First, we have cornell notes that must and ALWAYS be in HD. If not, you lose points in your grade. . Now, when i know when we will be watching a slideshow or a film, i immediatly know to take notes. Cornell notes have helped my brain use a whole new process that it functions well with. The cornell notes can be used in all of your classes,including your electives.

Second, we have tutorial request form, or most commonly known as a TRF. A TRF is a paper that is used to help you learn subject that you are having difficulties with.tThey are used on tuesdays and thursdays on tutorial days. You are assigned a group and a tutor on those days. After using a TRF every tutorial day, it provides a quick lesson during the school day.