Creating an Element

How to Stay Warm

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How To Start

  • Stay close to shelter
  • Make fire on dry ground
  • Stay on flat ground
  • Take care of shelter and water before fire

Gathering Resources

  • Mark where you are
  • Make short trips to gather wood
  • Start with smaller wood
  • Always have a good amount of wood on hand

Building Up

  • Arrange kindling so a few pieces are facing one way and a few others are facing another way on top of each other
  • Make sure you have a good placement, you dont want the fire going out!
  • After kindling is arranged put some tinder in to help the fire get going

Starting the Fire

  • Cut a V-shaped notch in a piece of fireboard then put a piece of bark under to catch the embers
  • Place spindle between palms of your hands and run your hands down it while rotating
  • When the spindle is red and there are embers bring the embers to your ready-made fire starter

Keeping It Going

  • Once your fire is started a few logs every couple of hours should be fine
  • Never let your fire go down too much
  • You have just made a fire!