Captain John Smith

By Frank Windsor


John Smith was more then a guy with a beard he was a kid with a big dream.

Young Smith

When Smith was a little kid he had a big dream of becoming a sailer and when times got tuff he never gave up.

Smith was born in a village named Willough in England.

When Smith was young he sold all of his books to get enough money to sale with a crew but his dad stopped him.

At the age of 16 Smith was captured and sold as a slave but in 1604 Smith killed his master and rain back to England.

Even though he went through all of that he never gave up.

Making Jamestown

Did you know that Smith helped build Jamestown.

To choose how was in charge they had a list of 7 people the names were listed in a order that told every one how had what jobs.

In Janestown the houses were bad because now one had experience on making houses and every one was more interested in silver and gold except Smith.

One day a fire happened and burnt half the town the colonists future looked bleak.

After Smith took over thay started to build better homes and stop looking for silver and gold.

The Indians friendship

The Indians were not happy about Jamestown but Smith became friends with them.

One day Smith learned the language of the Indians and went out with hops of trading beads for food.

The Indians leader Powhatan liked Smith because he treated the Native Amercans as equals.

When Smith left Virginia the Indians and the people of Jamestown had countless fights.


John Smith rehashed his dream of becoming a sailer and he made lots of friends.

From the time Smith was a kid to the day he died he never gave up.

Even when the colonists had a hard time making Jamestown Smith never gave up.

When Smith got the Indians friendship he met Pocahontas and she became his sister.

Smith was a great Amaricon sailor and hero.



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About The Author

My name is Frank Windsor and I love art and like playing MInecraft. I'm 11 years old and had fun making this for you.