Zombie Attack

What will 6th graders do???

Bug Out WHAT?

Students have to decide on what they will need to survive a zombie attack and the kicker is that is must fit in one a bag. This bag is called a Bug Out bag! What will you need to survive? Research carefully!

WHY Write?

Scientific Journaling

Record by describing what you’re doing.

A lot of scientists and engineers carry around a writing journal,

so when they have a GREAT

IDEA, they can quickly capture it with words.

I wonder what would be lost to the world if you didn't write down your research...the number of zombies that were in the cafeteria...or the ways you are testing alternative energy sources? Your words will be of great importance for all that are left roaming the planet, therefore write all that you encounter in surviving, in testing, in researching! Best of Luck to you and your group!

Mrs. Miller

I hope that if a Zombie Apocolypse unfolds you will be there to help me survive!

How will we stay warm; can you help me power a car without gasoline? What resources will be need to build a form of energy?

What will you pack in your bag? If you can pass on all your knowledge maybe others will survive!

If the Zombies don't come...what other natural disasters will we be ready for?

How is survival linked to Tropical Storm Sandy?