UN project


Background of England

England was formally a land of raiders but under the leadership of Ragnar, a Viking leader it was united and prepared for it to become a world super power. It officially became a country in 1215 after the Magna Carta when the nobles finally gained certain rights.

Current standing in the UN

As the second most valuable asset in the UN due to its general neutrality in most wars it oversees all negotiations between countries. Its army is a massive deterrent to anyone who dares to break UN laws. Its nuclear arsenal is possibly the largest in the eastern hemisphere which causes even America to back off.

Value of England

Its value comes mainly from the power of the British Pound and its heavy devaluing of the petrodollar. The British Pound provides much stability to the UN through its nearly unchanging value. It also protects the value of the euro which, keeps investors on their toes and in turn makes the European Union a very interesting place but still stable enough for it to prosper. Even the smaller countries in europe use the pound often due to its high value.