The Latest in Technology and One Step Ahead of Your students

Coffee, Doughnuts and a little exercise.. Join us for a brush up on Technology


  • Do you know what these mean in a text or online?
  • Can you run the latest software for your subject matter?
  • Are you aware that there are changes in how we teach children with Autism?
  • How do we use the least restrictive environment for a BD student?
  • That screen in your room is just not to flash power point.. Do you know what it can do?
  • Reading levels - How can the internet be used as a tool to get students to read?
  • Are you utilizing your teacher BLOG to the best of its ability?

Check the district office for times and availability for classes designed to keep you one step ahead of the students.

Would you love to see this on your local level?

The above class would benefit not only the educators but the students as well. If the Department of Education would provide the videos like the Khan school educators could watch and take assessments at their leisure. When it comes to the county specific issues a local class followed up with an online experience would help teachers keep that one foot ahead of the students. A paid day off never hurt learning either..

All teachers need to be on the same page with the subject matter. Technology is selective by the school system. However, all continuing education hours sould be equal across the board.

Teachers being taught and taking a Standardized Test?

In an effort to provide the best experience for the students educators need to be held accountable for knowing the material not only when they graduate but along their career. Yes they are teaching the material but how outdated is the text? Has there been advancements in the field? These questions can be answered and a refresher provided for the educator. There should be minimum standards as well. A clear 70% to pass is enough to show a grasp of the subject.

ISTE Teaching Standards

With the technological advancements there are some teachers that are not up to the task. It is a shame that the students know more than the educators. There are toddlers that can access the internet for cookie monster, Yet, some teachers cannot keep a classroom blog. Shame on us.
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