1809 McMaster street, Brampton, On


· 8$- Shrimp Cocktail

(Fresh shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce)

· $14- Calamari

(Hand breaded calamari with fresh lemon zest, served with cocktail and spicy chipotle sauce)

·$17- Beef Carpaccio

(Thinly sliced beef with feta cheese crumbles)

· 9$- Beet Salad

(Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, beets and blue cheese with our famous salad dressing)


·$43- Steak and Eggs

(Any cut of steak you decide with a side of eggs and fresh toast of your choice)

· $46- Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

(New York strip with egg on top. Served with toast or any other side)

·$33- Low Fat Breakfast Burritos

(Burritos stuffed with egg, cheese, spinach and green peppers)

·$29- French Toast and Eggs

(Fresh french toast served with eggs)

·$32- Pancakes/Waffles with any side

(Your choice of fresh waffles or pancakes served with any side you want)

*You can substitute white toast with any other toast as well as substituting a whole egg for just the white


·$50- New York Strip Sandwich

(New York strip steak served on your choice of bun/bread)

·$41- Lobster Sandwich

(Fresh lobster sandwich stuffed with spinach, red peppers and onions)

·$39- Seafood salad

(Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, lobster/crap, scallops, muscles and shrimp)

·$35- Grilled Chicken

(Perfectly grilled chicken with a lemon sauce)


·$89- Steak and Lobster

(Any cut of steak you want with a fresh lobster tail on the side)

·$44- Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Fresh salmon with a crunchy pistachio crust)

·$41- Grilled Sea Bass

(Fresh grilled seas bass)

·$60- Steak and Baked Potato

(Any cut of steak you want with a baked potato served with chives, margarine/butter and sour cream *non fat available)

·$40- Thai Chicken

(Grilled chicken with a sweet and spicy Thai sauce)


·$19- Crepes and Fruit

(Fresh crepes topped with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or banana. All if you want)

·$13- Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

(Fresh strawberries dipped in hot melted dark chocolate)

·$9- Pistachio Mousse

(Pistachio flavored mousse with crushed pistachios on top)

·$15- Fruit Pizza

(Crepe dough, topped with any fruit you can think of)


·$6- Healthy Yogurt Smoothies

(Low fat yogurt smoothies with fresh fruit)

·$0- Water

(Freshest and best tasting water you will ever have)

·$4- Freshly Squeezed Fruit and Vegetable Juices

(Fresh fruit or vegetables freshly juiced into a healthy and delicious drink)

·$5- Healthy Teas

(Herbal teas)