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5 Star Movie By Spielberg

Steven Spielberg has done it again!!!! He has produced Brain Jack originally created by Brian Falkner. It is a action packed movie that follows Sam Wilson and his life in the Cyber Defense System.He protects America from behind a computer. Although Sam and the C.D.S are good they will meet a foe that seems to know all of there thoughts before they know them themselves.

Neuro News Advice

Dear Ben, My husband still uses neuro even after the war. He was apart of the neuro army and hasn't been the same sense. He has been eating less and seems less playful then before. He also has lots of nightmares about the war and the things he did.Do you have any ideas on how to return him to his old self. ~Desperate Woman (Olivia)

Desperate Woman:

Try to remind him of who he was before the war.He may just be trying to figure out who he was before.If he still isn't getting any better try taking him to places with special meanings.Also, dont let him be along cause it may make him feel alone.

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