Carroll's Class Happenings

All Things 4th Grade


During the next few weeks we will be focusing on determining the theme of a story or poem. Students will identify the themes of more difficult text that require a deeper understanding of the concept of theme.

3rd Quarter Reading Requirements

This quarter I am going to be changing the page format for student reading requirements. Each student will have this sheet placed in the front of their red folders. It is their responsibility to write the title, author, and RC score on the paper. I will fill in the word count and initial. Parents, please initial when this is complete. Students have all quarter to finish this paper. Any books that were read over break will count toward the 3rd quarter goals. Students will be expected to read 25 minutes each night. **If a book is not available for a RC test they, have the option to write a summary of the book and turn it in for credit. This will count for their genre requirements, but not for their overall word count.


All things Fractions!

We will begin our fraction unit and spend several weeks using fractions. Students are required to know fractions with the denominators of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,12, and 100. Students will start with decomposing fraction. (Ex: 5/8 can be decomposed as 1/8 + 1/8 + 3/8). We will then move into equivalent fractions. With this unit will be doing several hands and real world lessons. Fractions are one of most favorite things to teach.

Tip: Have your child help you cook or bake at home. Being familiar and comfortable with measuring cups is huge advantage to understanding this concept!


Students will be going to Mr. Ryan for the next four weeks for science. They will be learning about rock formation, rock cycle, and fossils. Please note that we switch each day from 1:45-2:25. I know that appointments and other issues come up, however, most of our science is hands on learning/experiments and it is difficult to make up.

Social Studies

Students will learn about the Colonial unrest that took place between the settlers and Native Americans in North Carolina. As a reminder, students are given the papers on Monday and they are due on Friday. They all have the choice to do them online. They can follow along as the passage is read to them. Sometimes the answers to the crosswords are found in the videos that are provided. Each student is given the opportunity to watch each video in class before we take the test on Friday. The tests are always open note.

Wordly Wise

Lesson 9 test on Jan. 24: Lesson 9 study link

Lesson 10 test on Feb. 7: Lesson 10 study link

Lesson 11 test on Feb. 21: Lesson 11 study link

Old Salem Field Trip

Mark you calendars for March 19. We will be traveling to Old Salem to experience all the rich culture of the Moravian people during the early years of North Carolina. The cost for this field trip will be $37.00. This includes admission, extra hands on activities, and transportation. We are doing two payment options. 1.) Pay the full $37. 2) Make two payments of $20 and $17.

If you need help with part or all the expenses please let me know as soon as possible.

Field trip papers will be going home on Monday. We will need 5 chaperones for our classroom, but all parents are welcome to attend. Chaperones are responsible for their own admission and transportation. All money and forms are due back to me by February 12.

Dates to Know

January 13 - Welcome Back

January 14 - Shomars give back night

January 16 - Class pictures

January 20 - No school in observance of MLK Day.

January 21 - Report Cards go home

January 22 - NC Checkin for reading

January 23 - NC Checkin for math

January 30 - Stuck for a Buck